About The Paper


The Forty-Niner was first published on Nov. 11, 1949, less than two months after the establishment of Los Angeles-Orange County State College in an apartment building at 5401 E. Anaheim St.

Originally, The Forty-Niner was an 8 1/2-by-14 inch typewritten, mimeographed paper of four pages issued every other Friday.

On March 5, 1950, the Forty-Niner was issued as a typeset newspaper of four pages with a four-column format. The paper’s first photograph was also printed in this Volume I, No. 8 issue.

On June 26, 1950, The Forty-Niner published Volume I, No. 15, its first issue under the renamed school of Long Beach State College.

The Forty-Niner became a weekly tabloid newspaper, published on Fridays, in fall 1960.

The Forty-Niner then became a semi-weekly paper in 1964, publishing every Tuesday and Friday under the renamed school of California Sate College at Long Beach.

On Sept. 27, 1968, the newspaper was first published as a daily-issued Tuesday through Friday. The Forty-Niner still retained its name, despite being a daily publication. The newspaper would add Monday to the publishing schedule on April 17, 1972. And on Sept. 3, 1976, the newspaper became the Daily Forty-Niner.

In Sept. 1994, the Daily Forty-Niner published online for the first time.

Daily 49er Awards

The Daily 49er has won local, regional and national awards for reporting, photography, design and multimedia.

The paper was named best newspaper by the Los Angeles Press Club in 2012 and was a national finalist in 2013 for design by the Associated Collegiate Press. Over the last three years, the Daily 49er newspaper and website has won 25 awards from the California College Media Association, the Society of Professional Journalists (national and regional), the California Newspaper Publisher’s Association, among others.

The Daily 49er weekly radio show on KBEACH also was honored with the Golden Mike Award from the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California in 2014.

The Daily 49er also was honored with a website design award from the Los Angeles Press Club in 2014.

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