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Neverwonder’s debut CD rocks and “Lets It Out”

“Let It Out” is an upbeat and musically diverse debut by Neverwonder. This Los Angeles-based band is a passionate ride through rock, soul, pop and funk with strong vocals to match.

With former American Idol contestant and front woman Megan Bobo’s clean and dominating voice, it is obvious that Neverwonder is giving it their all to break into the music business with a new sound.

Opening with heavy riffs through their song “Help Me,” it ensures the consistency of the CD.

The second track, “Wild Out” is the leeway into the basic rhythm heard on almost every track. Vincent Ramos (bass), Andres Ramos (drums) and Scott Ramsay (guitar)provide no limp or lifeless beats, paving the way for the pounding bass line.

“Let It Out” definitely has a listener-friendly versatility between the balance of rock and hip-hop.

“Wild Out” and “Don’t Want Nothin’,” are thumping rock resonances with a rapped interlude that suits the songs well.

“Enough” and “The Edge” are the dark lyrical underbelly of this positive message bound CD. Bobo sings of heartache and sour relationships as opposed to living for a new day. However. like the lyrics of all of the other songs, the words are a bit cliché and predictable, as are the melodies. Though pleasant, the lyrics of each song are not significant and could fade well into the next without distinction.

On the other hand, “Superior” features appealing instrumentation that falls along the lines of rock-pop and jazz fusion. Some of the other songs hint at this type of composition. Also, the lyrics on this track adhere to a clever interpretation of self-indulgence by poking fun at the superiority of celebrities.

“Greeting from Neverwonder,” the last track of the CD, isn’t a song. It’s actually a light-hearted and seemingly pointless thank you segment. Though sweet and personal, it feels unprofessional for a new band still making way. Overall, the 17-track CD has too many songs, especially for a debut. Four of the songs are unnecessarily repeated as remixes, which includes two versions of “Help Me.”

Needless to say, Neverwonder has potential; Megan Bobo and her bandmates are living up to that potential by satisfying their own desire to musically stand out. Though the lyrical aspect could stand to grow with the band, the mixture of genres is still unlike the typical mainstream sound.

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