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Flavor Focus: Sconeage Bakery

No one really talks about scones that much. Cookies, cupcakes and all the other glamorous baked goods somehow just steal all the attention.

And Starbuck’s version of a scone, which is basically just a giant glazed cookie, isn’t helping the pastry’s image much.

I was opened to the possibilities of the scone when I tried this recipe for chai chocolate chip scones a few weeks back. When done right, scones are flaky, buttery and have just the right amount of sweetness. They more substantial than a cookie, but less sugary

So when today was unusually cold and crisp for Long Beach, the Daily 49er’s online editor, Jared, and I decided to seek comfort in a warm scone from The Sconeage Bakery on the corner of Ximeno and Anaheim.

I’d never been there before, although it’s close to my apartment and my old roommate raved about the scones. It’s just a tiny little shop with a counter and the bakery in the back. We ordered a chocolate chip walnut scone, a triberry scone and a chocolate chip walnut cookie to go. (Regrettably everything that had chocolate in it also had walnuts.) The scones were $2.75 each and the cookie $0.75. They also sell granola and granola bars.

The cookie and the chocolate chip walnut scone were just okay, they both would have been better sans walnuts and the scone could have been a bit more moist. The triberry scone was the unanimous favorite. It was warm and perfectly moist thanks to the fresh berries baked inside. So yummy, especially paired with a hot cup of tea. I will definitely be back for another triberry scone.

The next time you’re craving a treat close to campus, give The Sconeage Bakery a try. The earlier you can get there the better. We got there around 12:30 p.m. on a Saturday and there were only a dozen of two flavors left.

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