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Miley Cyrus strips, Katy Perry roars at 2013 VMAs

The day before classes begin is usually a busy one, and many a student may have missed out on watching the MTV Video Music Awards. Anyone who wasn’t watching missed a few reunions and surprises, as well as a big disgrace.

Lady Gaga showed more than just her costume creativity when she opened the ceremony. Her vocal talent emerged as she belted lyrics to “Applause.” Her performance was theatrical, and her facial expressions and dance moves changed as often as her costumes did — four times — from sequined black body suits to sparkling blazers, finally finishing in a bikini made of seashells and flowers.

But for once, Gaga and her show-stopping attire weren’t the hottest gossip after this year’s VMAs. Miley Cyrus strutted on stage in a one-piece furry teddy bear leotard. Throughout her performance, she stuck out her tongue and danced provocatively. Her vocals were poor enough to humiliate the audience as she sang her single “We Can’t Stop,” but it was evident that her main concern was to show some skin once she ripped off her leotard outfit, revealing skin-colored underwear. The camera panned toward rapper Drake as he sat in the audience with his head down.

While Cyrus didn’t win a Moonman award, she most certainly expected it. She told MTV News, “It’s going to be super dope when I win my VMA, my Moonman …” after tweeting a photo of herself licking the metal trophy.
Twitter users were shocked, disgraced and enraged at the former Disney star.

Robin Thicke entered the stage as she finished to perform his hit single “Blurred Lines” and stood rigid as Miley danced on and around him while stroking him and herself with a large foam finger. He smiled professionally in their photos, and their performance together was cordial, but by his stoic stature and unadventurous performance with the clearly excited Cyrus, it appeared he was trying to stay as aloof as possible.

Taylor Swift made a suggestive remark about her song “I Knew You Were Trouble” after winning the award for Best Female Video. The cameraman seemed to recognize the affiliation and transitioned to a shot of One Direction’s Harry Styles after Swift said that the inspiration for her song “knows who they are.”

Macklemore and his producer, Ryan Lewis, were favorites among both the crowd and the community, as they won two “Moonman” awards, one for Best Hip-hop Video and the other for Best Video with Social Message, “Same Love” featuring Mary Lambert. Their six VMA nominations earned them the title of “most nominated indie VMA act ever,” according to MTV. Known for lyrics that hit home and unique singles such as “Thrift Shop,” Macklemore and his fans are proud that an independent artist has dominated the charts.

Upon receiving his award, he said, “They let some independent artists up here at the VMAs.”

Perhaps the most exciting moment was when quadruple-award winning Justin Timberlake was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award and surprised the audience when the members of the group that started his music career, N’sync, appeared onstage.

The crowd went wild as the group, who last appeared on the VMAs in 2001, played short snippets of “Girlfriend” and “Bye Bye Bye.” Despite the lengthy hiatus, the members jumped around and performed moves as if they were as youthful as ever.

The awards closed with Katy Perry’s performance of her new hit single, “Roar.” Perry separated herself from the other scantily dressed performers as she sang on the stage by Brooklyn Bridge Park, which had been transformed into a boxing ring. She jumped rope and flexed her muscles as she sang “You’re gonna hear me roar.”

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