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2013 Emmy Awards Predictions

Best Drama Series: “Breaking Bad” or “Game of Thrones”
While “Homeland” and its cast dominated most of the Emmy awards last year and is up for nomination once again, it seems that “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad” are neck in neck for best drama series. According to Yahoo statistics, “Breaking Bad” is the most searched drama series, while the medieval “Game of Thrones” does not fall too far behind.
The other nominees, “Mad Men,” the political drama “House of Cards,” and British-themed “Downton Abbey,” are shows that take a while to become immersed in the plot, while “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad” are immediately engaging. Most viewers haven’t seen one episode without seeing them all. “Breaking Bad” has the whole package: drugs, crime and cancer all stewing in the tumultuous family setting while viewers love “Game of Thrones” as a unique series that glamorizes the bloody battle for royalty during the dark ages.

Best Variety Series: “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”
There is almost no doubt that “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” will win for best variety series just like it has every year since 2003; however, that doesn’t mean the other nominees shouldn’t get some love.
With last year’s elections, “Saturday Night Live” did an excellent job at satirizing the presidential debates early on in the season.
Prankster Jimmy Kimmel recently became a viral sensation by revealing that the “Worst Twerk Fail Ever – Girl Catches on Fire” was a hoax on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” In a well-liked segment called “Lie Witness News,” his staff cleverly asked Coachella attendees about bands that didn’t exist, and they hilariously answered as if they knew the bands.
“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” features great musicians, including The Roots, as well as guests who are willing to participate in elaborate skits and musical numbers. Nowhere else can one see a mashup of NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams rapping “Regulate” by Warren G. This category probably has some of the most creative work, if only the ever-popular “Daily Show” would allow others to shine.

Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series: Jason Bateman
“Arrested Development” returned for season four on Netflix this summer after its cancellation from Fox. It was a new beginning for the Bluth family, and Jason Bateman returned better than ever.
A big change for the series was the character-specific episodes, which came about as the actors handled other work obligations. Bateman returned to the show in full form, reminding us why “Arrested Development” still has such a dedicated following.
As a father who just can’t escape his criminal family, Bateman’s character, Michael Bluth, decides to profit off them by making a movie based on their life. The witty humor he adds to the show helps make it one of the better seasons for this webseries. Memorable moments include his love triangle, in which he was unknowingly involved with  his own son, which turned into one of the best phone conversations in television history.

Outstanding Reality Show: “So You Think You Can Dance”
“So You Think You Can Dance” has passed the test of time. While some reality shows lose their originality and tend to grow stale over the seasons, SYTYCD has the benefit of featuring hundreds of unique dancers each year from all over the United States. From hip-hop, modern, salsa and a few original styles of dance, it offers something diverse for a wide-ranging viewer demographic.

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