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Comic Con invades Long Beach

The scenes were surreal: John Snow eating a burrito on the floor, a “Jurassic Park” tour vehicle driving down the freeway and a women’s restroom filled with “Justice League characters.” Fiction came to life this weekend at the annual 2015 Long Beach Comic Convention.

CSULB alumni and “Boy Meets World” co-star Maitland Ward was showcasing her Star Wars-themed Slave Leia cosplay along with poison ivy, Vampirella and Aeon Flux.

“It’s a real hometown feel; it’s my hometown,” she said. “You can really talk to people and it’s not a massive group and you can have personal conversations and interactions with them. It’s big enough but it’s not too big and that’s the main thing.”

The exhibition hall had designated sections geared towards different interests. Cosplay Corner, Artists Alley, Animation Land and Funny Book Fest were some of the popular options that were overflowing with veteran con-goers and curious first-timers.

One of the most anticipated events, a Q & A with actor John Barrowman who has appeared in “Doctor Who,” “Arrow” and “Torchwood,” took place on day two of the convention. He said this was his first time attending the Long Beach Comic Con and took an overnight flight to get there.

Barrowman picked audience members at random to ask their choice of question ranging from his favorite episodes and characters to more serious questions asking if Captain Jack Harkness is to return to a future season of “Doctor Who.”

The answer? Although he’d love to reprise the role, he couldn’t confirm anything.

Ventura-native Veronica Swarens was the first to be picked by Barrowman and asked what one sentence of advice he’d give to the LGBT community.

Barrowman answer: Stay true to yourself.

“I was surprised. I didn’t expect to be the first one [to ask a question]. I actually practiced that question all night, I was nervous but it was worth it,” Swarens said.

“Agent’s of Shield” actor Chloe Bennet made a special guest appearance and presented the Comic Artist Badge to the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles for completing workshops and tasks throughout the day.

“It was absolutely fabulous and her sentiment at the end, about really challenging and inspiring the girls to continue to be creative, really spoke to why we’re here today,” said Kenya Yarbrough, the Director of Marketing and Communications of Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles. It’s showing the girls there are lots of opportunities out there and there are lots of careers they can follow.”

Imagine an excited child leaving Long Beach Comic Con in awe of meeting Wonder Woman, that was the reality over the weekend and wrap to the two-day extravaganza.

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