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Untitled by artist

Trang_Le_StudentArtGallery2webTrang Le | Daily 49er
All but one door was lit at the Cal State Long Beach student art galleries, and upon walking in, the darkness only deepens around you until suddenly: light.

A massive, phantasm sequence hovers above the floor of the student art gallery. The only light within this gallery emits from the black lights protruding and hanging over a DNA-like strand made of foam and objects gathered from both the artist’s childhood home and his current job at Home Depot. The sculpture takes up the entirety of the gallery, random artifacts such as a bicycle and piping lodged in the mass of colored foam.

CSULB senior Nick Bamford created his piece, “Untitled,” for a simple project for his ceramics senior seminar — what he ended up with was a mammoth-sized chunk of a dream.

“A lot of this stuff was mine from the past. It’s kind of like a story or a dream sequence; it’s not a linear story,” Bamford said.

The student art galleries are open Monday through Thursday and admission is free of charge for students. 

James Conley contributed to this article.

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