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Long Beach City Council recommends some of their favorite local businesses

For this edition of The Daily 49er’s special issue, we reached out to Long Beach City Council leaders and asked them to recommend some of their favorite local businesses within their districts to our readers.

Suzie Price, District 3

Price said that one of her favorite places to go to in the third district is Belmont Shore, because its diversity can satisfy multiple desires.

Aroma di Roma is the coffee shop where I do a lot of constituent meetings,” Price said. “It’s a really cute place with a European vibe.”

Located at 4708 E. 2nd St., she described it as a place constantly buzzing with activity that manages to avoid stuffiness despite its small size. Though there’s beer and wine on-tap, Price recommended Aroma di Roma’s coffees and lattes.

“Around soccer season, I just love to walk by [Aroma di Roma] because the place is just pouring around the block with residents who are enjoying the matches,” Price said.

Also in the area is Luna Belmont Shore, a gift shop found on 4928 E. 2nd St.

“Luna is probably my favorite gift shop in the entire world, I go there all of the time,” Price said. “It’s where I buy most of the gifts I get for my friends there.”

Price said she enjoys going to Luna Belmont Shore because many of the items will not be found elsewhere because their products are designed with novelty in mind.

“When you walk into Luna, it’s kind of like being in an art gallery,” Price said. “It’s affordable given the quality of the items you’re buying there.”

Price also pointed to Broadway as an area which is experiencing “great growth for independent businesses,” citing The Attic at 3441 E. Broadway and Taste wine-beer-kitchen at 3506 E. Broadway as examples.

“Taste is a tiny little place but the food is unbelievable,” Price said. “They have a sommelier who can pair [your order with] the perfect wine whatever you’re ordering. Their vibe is very friendly.”

She describes The Attic as a “neighborhood restaurant” with quality food, recommending their hot cheetos with macaroni and cheese, known as the “Reggae Mac & Cheetos.”

Daryl Supernaw, District 4

Joe Jost’s and Pancho’s Mexican Food are, according to Supernaw, two “old school” eateries in Long Beach’s fourth district which he suggested for those looking to grab a meal near campus. Open since 1924, Joe Jost’s can be found at 2803 E. Anaheim St. Meanwhile Pancho’s Mexican Food is located at 4925 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.

“[Pancho’s] is very close to the Beachside campus, so a lot of students go there,” Supernaw said. “We just celebrated [Pancho’s] 50th anniversary at that location.”

Supernaw described Pancho’s Mexican Food as “very old school,” taking only cash or check and being closed on Mondays. He recommended the restaurant to anyone who enjoys traditional Mexican cuisine.

“For Joe Jost’s I would say that everyone has to try a Joe’s Special,” Supernaw said. “It’s an iconic item in an iconic location.”

According to the tavern’s website, Joe’s Special is a Polish Sausage sandwich made with pickle, mustard, Swiss cheese and a blend of spices.

Stacy Mungo, District 5

Mungo recommended Bigmista’s Barbecue & Sammich Shop at 3444 N. Los Coyotes Diagonal, and Panvimarn Thai Cuisine at 4101 Bellflower Blvd.

“It’s the best barbeque you’ve had in your life,” Mungo guaranteed of Bigmista. “The ribs are great and they have an amazing turkey dinner that they do around the holidays.”

Meanwhile at Panvimarn, Mungo recommended the coconut ice cream rice and the spicy rib-eye steak salad.

Al Austin, District 8

Austin said that the area is home to some of the best coffee in Long Beach, recommending DRNK coffee + tea at 4245 Atlantic Ave. and The Merchant at 4121 Long Beach Blvd. as examples of this claim.

“If you want a home-cooked Mexican meal experience, La Casita Rivera on Atlantic is a great space for that,” Austin said. “Los Eduardos is a very small establishment, but you can’t go wrong there either.”

An avid sports fan, Austin also recommended El Cortez Restaurant at 5345 Long Beach Blvd. and the Weiland Brewery Restaurant at 4354 Atlantic Ave. for those looking to have a good time during the big game.

Rex Richardson, District 9

Vice Mayor Rex Richardson recommended North Long Beach based restaurants The Cajun Crab, El Pollo Imperial, Robert Earl’s BBQ and Sal’s Gumbo Shack.

“These are hidden jewels in our community and some of the best food in Long Beach,” Richardson said.

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