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Starting the semester off right

It’s finals week and you’ve got your head in your hands. As you regretfully look back on the past 15 weeks, you wonder what happened to all of those goals you set at the beginning of the semester.

How did you fall so desperately behind? Your grades are now hinged upon your final performance — the stress is real. Don’t let this be you.

Each semester, students begin the term with high hopes for their grades, fitness and mental state. Whether these goals are fulfilled or not has a lot to do with the habits they form at the start of it all.

While some stick to daily routines in order to stay on top of their busy schedules, others are hurriedly scribbling down the finishing sentences of their research papers the morning of.

“Just follow any instructions that your professors give you and whatever your SOAR or orientation advisors give you…because they’ve been there,” said Ayisha Ali, third year business administration major. “Also don’t wait until the last minute to get assignments done.”

It also pays to take note of professors’ preferences. Whether your professor emphasizes the amount of time to spend on their work or the value they put in attendance, it may make the difference between an A and a B at the end of the semester.

Also, never underestimate the power of a syllabus. Print it out, keep it in your backpack, on your desk at home, stapled to your forehead, etc. Attendance guidelines, quiz dates, overall expectations, lessons for each week, low-key scary rules — it’s all there. It’s much easier to stay on track in your classes if you are familiar with this document.

“Stay on top of everything, really that’s what you want to do,” third year history major James Page said. “If you have readings keep up with that, do all of your assignments. As soon as you fall behind it’s not going to be easy to catch up.”

Fourth year sociology major Jasim Martinez recommends having a strict schedule to follow for the semester and making sure to have something in your stomach.

“I would stay on track, get yourself into a routine…because you can easily get thrown off,” Martinez said. “Have breakfast definitely. I know that helps me stay focused because I’m not thinking about what I want to eat or eating an unhealthy meal.”

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