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Eco-friendly students of CSULB bring awareness to their peers

The Southwest Terrace became a sea of green as students created their own succulent pots, flower crowns and containers of compost at the Eco Crafts Fair.

Cal State Long Beach hosted the fair in celebration of Earth Week, and the event promoted students transitioning into more green-friendly habits. Booths were set up with activities ranging from trivia questions, cornhole and flower planting. Many students were spreading information about things that hurt the planet, from threats to the ozone layer all the way to issues going on in Long Beach.

“We are one of the most sustainable campuses in the entire CSU system and we just want to spread awareness about things that are going on in our own backyard,” said Melissa Sanchez, a junior studying graphic design. “I believe if more people know about these issues, the higher the chances are of making progress.”

Most students tried to acquire one of the earth-friendly backpacks made with recycled materials that read “Earth Week 2018.” The backpacks were free for students who went through all of the booths. Students happily left the event while stuffing their packs of soil and flower seeds into their new bags.

“I love Earth Week and this is something that I think a lot of students should just come and check out, know exactly what is going on with their planet,” fourth year political science major Maddy Braverman said. “I think that once someone does research on these things, they would easily be compelled to make changes in their lives.”

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