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Week of Welcome highlights campus clubs

A small crowd gathered around the three-man fraternity stroll as they danced to the beat of an unidentifiable rap song blaring from a lone Beats Pill.

Some students’ eyebrows quirked with interest while others tried to dodge the quickly forming dance circle and with that, Week of Welcome was in full swing.

Clubs and organizations of all types gathered on the Central Quad Wednesday, attempting to coerce students to learn about what they had to offer.

Dejah Rodriguez, Cal State Rollers club organizer stood firmly in a pair of multicolored roller skates while chatting with interested students.

“What we do is provide an inclusive space for anybody who wants to learn to roller skate or loves to roller skate,” Rodriguez said. “Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn to roller skate or you know how to roller skate, this club is for you.”

A common theme throughout Week of Welcome was the sense of comradery students found in whatever club they chose to engage with.

First time Week of Welcome attendee Pamela Nguyen, a fourth year mechanical engineering major said the event was welcoming for all students because the clubs seem to “want [students] to be a part of their club.”

Outdoor Adventure Club secretary and fourth year student Michelle Truong said she met some of her closest friends through the club.

“They’re going to be my life-long friends now because we’ve bonded over so many trips that we’ve done,” Truong said.

Fourth year aerospace major Matthew Dinh said that his only advice for freshmen interested in joining any clubs on campus is to just get out there.

“You don’t want to go to your fourth year and be regretful of things that you didn’t do,” Dinh said.

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