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Christmas comes early with the Ski and Snowboard Team’s Rail Jam

A mountain of snow in early September in sunny Southern California; this was a sight that was only possible at Long Beach State Thursday night.

The Ski and Snowboard Team put on an exhibition showcasing their seasoned riders, while hoping to gain some new members as well. A crowd of about 30 students trickled in to watch club members show off their tricks and compete for various prizes.

And this isn’t the first time winter has come expectedly.

“[The club] did it 6 years ago … I wanted to bring it back,” President and civil engineering major Hallie Heffern said. “[It took] probably 5 months of planning, a lot of meetings, a lot of calling and annoying people.”

With sponsors like Baker Street Skis and Snowboards, Mountain High Resort and Red Bull, who provided drinks and a DJ booth the snowy competition was a sight to behold.

“It’s really cool, it opens up the scene to more people,” said new club member and senior chemical engineering major Christian Thompson.

Junior film and media studies major Sammy Swanson had the crowd in awe with dazzling tricks.

“We’re shredding … homie told me I laid down a 720 [spin on the box],” said Swanson, meaning he did 2 full spins while grinding the side of the box structure.

While being able to bust out 720’s is impressive, it isn’t a prerequisite to join the club.

“We accept everyone, but we always are looking for people who actually want to compete because that always gets our club a little more publicity nationally,” Heffern said.

The LBSU Ski and Snowboard Team competes in the United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association in the Southwest region, composed of schools in Southern California and Arizona such as USC, UCLA, ASU and more.

Skiing and snowboarding isn’t the only thing that brought these action-sport lovers to the Walter Pyramid today.

“I grew up around the corner … I learned to ride a bike in the parking lot right here with my grandpa,” said Cody Hopkins, owner of Baker Street Skis and Snowboards. “It’s an awesome thing what they’re doing.”

Once all the snow had melted and the scores were tallied, Andrew Corralejo took first place for the men, claiming a Capita snowboard, followed by Nick Warner in second and Justin Hartnell in third who both earned Saga outerwear.

Women’s 1st went to none other than the club President, Hallie Heffern, with Delaney Dupras coming in second and third going to club Vice President Madi Lambeth, all three women receiving Saga outerwear.

Best Wipeout went to Ruben Alvarez, who was rewarded with a Findlay hat for his efforts.

While not all every riders left with a prize, everyone left with a smile on their face and a story to tell about snow at the pyramid.

As club sports and recreation coordinator, Anthony Dunbar said,“What are the odds anyone would think there could be ice on the steps of the pyramid?”

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