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The ultimate finals playlist

Music is an integral part of my life. So much so, I can barely go more than an hour without putting my mangled headphones in my ears yes, I’m sadly Airpod-less. Music motivates me to get through anything, whether it’s cleaning, exercising or studying.

With finals season quickly approaching, I always like to be well equipped in my musical arms, ready for the proverbial hell week. While some people can only stand to listen to music that either has no words or strictly comes from the lofi Youtube station featuring the girl eternally bored while scribbling in her notebook, I find comfort in music that I would normally listen to on a daily basis.

Although the music isn’t my usual, upbeat music I have in my line-up and it’s a long one. Instead of sitting in silence with your eyes glued to your computer, staring at an essay you definitely didn’t procrastinate on, listen to these top eight tunes from my go-to study playlist.

The complete playlist can be found on Apple Music at @faithpetrie and on Spotify using the scannable code.

  1. Focus” – H.E.R.

As a longtime fan of H.E.R. it’s an understatement to say she continuously delivers smooth R&B hits. Her self-titled album, “H.E.R” is nominated for Album of the Year by the Recording Academy. Her song “Focus” from the same album is a serene lullaby that screams what our brain is thinking during study sessions: focus.

  1. 20 Something” – SZA

SZA has become a household name in the past two years after several years of being a lesser known artist in the music industry. While I’ve cried to “20 Something” on numerous occasions, it’s also a great song to study to. The repetitive guitar strums paired with SZA’s raw voice is easy to drown out  while simultaneously getting in your feelings.

  1. Surrounded By Heads And Bodies” – The 1975

Although I haven’t fully listened to The 1975’s latest album just yet, “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships,” caught my attention. Frontman Matt Healy’s voice is soft and calming and with the folky guitar and synth voices in the background, it’s the perfect song to bob your head to while rewriting notes for the second, pain-staking time.    

  1. Nobody” – Mitski

Mitski offers a more upbeat sound to this playlist, but it doesn’t get you too distractracted from the task at hand. Her single, “Nobody” was created by Mitski during a breakdown after isolating herself in Malaysia. Although it’s definitely a dancey-tune, it’s just the right amount of hype to give your brain a break from the monotony of studying.

  1. Chewing Gum” – Blood Orange featuring A$AP Rocky

There hasn’t been a day in the past month where I haven’t listened to “Chewing Gum.” It’s one of the most uniquely composed songs I’ve listened to in a while, which is expected from British singer-songwriter, Blood Orange. His almost angelic voice combined with the concise rapping of A$AP Rocky is a match made in heaven.

  1. Yosemite” – Travis Scott

Although I normally try to stray away from rap music due to my inability to control myself from rapping along with whoever is on, I have a soft spot for “Yosemite.” The beat is a lot tamer than most of Scott’s songs that reduce headbanging to a soft sway. Its dreamlike instrumental and Scott’s monotone voice allows for you to work while still turning up the best of both worlds.

  1. Objects in the Mirror” – Mac Miller

From the late singer and rapper’s album “Watching Movies with the Sound Off,” “Objects in the Mirror” is the perfect song for canceling out any unnecessary noise while studying. The jazz-inspired song is mellow throughout and accompanied by Miller’s cool, gravelly voice.  

  1. Wait a Minute!” – Willow

The days of Willow whipping her hair are long gone and have been replaced by a more grown-up, R&B sound. “Wait a Minute!” is a song I would listen to in a half-crazed state as I try to regain moral to continue studying with Willow wailing over the high-kick of a snare drum.

Remember to sleep, stay hydrated, go outside and eat. Grades are important, but don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Even if you can’t depend on your night of procrastination to get you that A, you can at least  depend on this playlist to give you that final boost to try your best.

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