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LBSU prepares for ‘Game of Thrones’

Without a doubt, “Game of Thrones” is one of the biggest and most influential pieces of modern pop culture to date.

Starting spring 2011, the show has impacted the lives of many people and continues to set the standard for television producers and teams with every episode that comes out.

Students at Long Beach State were buzzing with anticipation leading up to the beginning of the end of their favorite show.

“I’m really sad because it’s ending but I’m so excited to see it,” said Kristina Tolentino, a public policy and administration graduate student.

Tolentino started watching the show five years ago and said she’s been hooked ever since. For the premiere, she and her friends had a watch party with food and a special edition “Game of Thrones” inspired drink line from Johnnie Walker Scotch.

Who should eventually sit on the Iron Throne? This is a hot-button topic for everyone who watches the show.

“I don’t really like Dany,” Tolentino said. “It’s not going to happen, but I really want Arya to win it.”

Another student, fourth year political science major Jonah Stoffers, had some unconventional opinions about who should rule Westeros. He said that he hopes no one wins the throne and that, “the people of Westeros rule themselves.”

Stoffers added that a democracy would suit the continent better, including representatives from the wildlings and the White Walkers; though, he said he’s not as invested in that aspect of the show as he is the individual storylines.

The show’s impact is far-reaching that fans of all ages enjoy the storylines and fantastical aspects of the stories like ginormous dragons and magical abilities. High school student Madison Perales said that she first started watching the show with her family.

“[We want] Jon Snow to win, but without Daenerys,” she said.

No matter who wins, fans of “Game of Thrones” are just excited to have another season to watch and cause them emotional distress. Dedicated fans have high expectations for this last season; every moment in the show has lead up to this point.

“I just hope that the last impression is as good as the first one,” Stoffers said.

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