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Cat cafe opens in Long Beach and it’s purrrrfect

After a long day of sitting in class, editing articles and drinking more coffee than my body could handle, I look forward to going home and de-stressing with my cats. 

There is just something about their soft fur and gentle purrs that make every bad thing in my life seem nonexistent. What happens if the new house I am moving into doesn’t let me have pets of any kind? What will I do then? The newly opened Feline Good Social Club has an answer. 

At Feline Good Social Club, visitors can book a one-hour time slot to relax with cats and kittens. The cat cafe is located in Downtown Long Beach and is the perfect escape for anyone who wants to interact with cats but can’t commit to adopting one because of their busy schedule or current housing situation. 


Guests interacting with cats at Cats and Mats Yoga at Feline Good Social Club.

Andy Lizarraga / Daily Forty-Niner

The initial opening was originally planned for earlier this year in March, but it was pushed back due to business permit issues. Feline Good Social Club finally opened its doors at the beginning of August. 


Cats playing with yoga mat at Cats and Mats Yoga at Feline Good Social Club.

Andy Lizarraga / Daily Forty-Niner

“The whole purpose is to get the cats adopted and make people happy,” owner Pam Leslie said. 

Customers can bring snacks and drinks and play with over 25 different cats, including their mascots Necco and Fancy Feet. They only ask that you don’t bring any treats for cats, as they might be on a certain diet.


Cat at Cats and Mats Yoga on Saturday at Feline Good Social Club.

Andy Lizarraga / Daily Forty-Niner

Leslie hopes to expand the services they have at Feline Good Social Club. One of her ideas is to offer study sessions to groups of three or four students. She also plans to offer a student discount in the future. 

Feline Good Social Club is located at 301 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach and is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. 

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