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Mahalia journeys through heartbreak in her new album, ‘LOVE AND COMPROMISE’

Rising R&B star Mahalia has finally released her long-awaited debut album, “LOVE AND COMPROMISE,” 

Mahalia released her first album “Diary of Me” in 2016 when she signed with Atlantic Records at 13, but most considered that a side project rather than her true debut album.

Mahalia radiates the confidence everyone yearns for in “LOVE AND COMPROMISE.” 

Soulful lullabies, relaxing vibes and women’s empowerment capture listeners imagination in the album. You don’t even need to finish the album to know that this is an R&B/Neo-Soul knockout. 

In the intro song, “Hide Out,” Mahalia uses a sample from an old interview with singer Eartha Kitt, where she says that no woman should compromise anything for a man. 

“What is compromising? Compromising for what? Compromising for what reason? To compromise? For what?” Kitt said. 

The quote is the perfect introduction to the next song, “I Wish I Missed My Ex,” where Mahalia sings about ending a relationship with someone who didn’t give as much as she did. 

One of my favorite songs from the album is “Do Not Disturb,” where Mahalia sings with her new-found confidence after a break-up. 

Ending the album with “Square 1,” Mahalia sings about the complexity that love carries and the decision about starting a relationship again fresh, “going back again.” This song ends the album smoothly with the pronounced and breezy piano instrumental and the fade-out at the very end. 

Mahalia shares her intimate journey of love and learning with her listeners. Most will be able to recognize her stories as everyone has had obstacles in their journey of love. 

This is an album fans can understand and most importantly, groove to.

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