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CSULB’s New Music Ensemble has its first concert of the semester Tuesday

The Long Beach State’s New Music Ensemble will be performing its first concert of the semester on Oct. 1 at the Gerald R. Daniel Recital Hall at 8 p.m. 

The ensemble will be performing music from the late John Cage, as well as a meditative piece from Pauline Oliveros.

The director of the ensemble, Alan Shockley said that this performance will be a combination of classical music and electronic elements.

“The first part of the show we’re going to play a piece that only the ensemble will play,” Shockley said. “The other piece, which is the tuning meditation, we’re going to ask the people in the audience to join us.” 

Singer Kaley McCandless said that this performance would be best described as a “planned improvisation” in which other musicians are going to “listen to the others perform.” She added that she looks forward to the audience joining in to perform with them.

The first piece they will perform is called “Elemental Gallop,” by Oliveros, and in the piece musicians were told to “play less and listen more.”

Cello player Chris Rorier said that their upcoming performance will be something “unusual” for the audience.

“Instrumentation wise, this performance is something different,” Rorier said. “We’re singing until we [run] out of breath.”

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