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Fitz and The Tantrums release new album ‘All The Feels,’ and it lives up to the album title

Indie pop band, Fitz and The Tantrums, are keeping the momentum alive with their amped-up and jam-packed 17-song album entitled, “All The Feels.”

“All The Feels” provides an upbeat groove that will keep you hyped, and each song flows seamlessly into one another for the perfect soundtrack to play on repeat. 

The band intertwined energetic beats and powerful words to create meaningful songs that optimistically tackle the ups and downs of life. These songs are not only significant to the group, because of the underlying message, but to their listeners as well.  

In a Rolling Stone interview, frontman Michael Fitzpatrick explained the pressure that he felt due to his desire to produce something great. After a year in the studio and a mass of about 80 songs written, Fitzpatrick and the team made the decision, “123456” was the best fit for lead single. 

The first song “All The Feels” has almost an a capella feel to it. The background  “Oo’s” and “Ah’s” don’t just provide harmonies to the song, but also work as a tempo for the beat.  

In contrast to most albums out on the charts, “All the Feels” has little to no slow ballads. 

At first, the song “Belladonna” seemed like the only ballad on the album due to its slow start. It begins with an acoustic guitar, but builds up into another spirited songs. 

But whether the vibrant album is meant for you or not, “All the Feels” serves its purpose by providing listeners with 17 fiery songs that can be the ultimate soundtrack for any cheery situation. 

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