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Cyber Security Club makes spring debut

Eight new on-campus clubs have debuted this spring, among them is the Cyber Security Club. Computer science major Spencer Neveux, co-founder of the club, said the club’s main purpose is to provide a community for those interested in the protection of computer systems. 

“Initially I was just seeking … a cybersecurity club on campus or any presence of that sort,” Neveux said. “So I [took] it upon myself to create the club and try to get people that are interested all together.”

He was later joined by fellow computer science major Fabio Colacio. The two, along with a few other friends, held discussions about cybersecurity via Discord, a distribution platform designed for gaming communities. 

Neveux was involved in the National Cyber League, a competition for high school and college students where they showcase their skills such as identifying hackers or hacking into vulnerable sites.

Colacio initiated a robotics club in high school and was looking to start a similar club at Long Beach State. The duo, who had previously never met, would eventually link on Discord to share their ideas.

According to Colacio, Neveux messaged him first about starting a new cybersecurity club on campus. 

“Since I’m a senior and I have a lot of connections and I also have some background on security I told him, ‘I’ll help you start this club,’” Colacio said.

The small group held meetings in the fall in vacant rooms in the University Student Union where they discussed their knowledge of cybersecurity. Colacio took charge and officially established that he and Neveux would serve as co-presidents. 

“We really don’t know what people are expecting or want out of [the club],” Colacio said. “We just know that people are interested in the topic of cybersecurity. So that’s what we’re trying to explore as a new club, what kind of activities do people want to do.” 

Neveux said he wants to prioritize competing in the NCL. 

“I specialize more on the hacking side so my goal is to teach people how to compete in the hacking competitions,” he said.

According to Colacio, Discord continues to be their main hub for club news and events. 

“We have over one hundred members on Discord,” Colacio said. “Maybe we’ll add a website too and we will make emails for all the officers so people can reach us personally.” 

He added that Discord will have network opportunities and internship opportunities for club members.

The club will hold in-person meetings once a month for general information. The location for meetings is still being determined.

All other information and future events will be posted on the club’s Discord page. 

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