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CSULB’s Campus Couture to host a virtual fashion show for the second time

Campus Couture’s thirty-third annual fashion show will be released next May as a virtual event for the second time. 

Long Beach State’s annual fashion show, Campus Couture is an event put on by students to give design majors the opportunity to have their collections photographed, judged by professionals in the fashion industry and showcase their work in front of an audience. 

In August, the postponed 32nd annual fashion show was formatted into a film with an accompanying magazine. 

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Have you checked out the show? ✨ In addition to the film, we created a virtual magazine complete with stunning photos, a look behind the scenes and detailed profiles on each senior designer where you can read about their journey, inspiration for their collection and what they plan on doing next! Click the link in our bio to sign up via Google Sheets (limited time offer; accepting emails until September 14th, 2020). A huge thank you to everyone who lent us both their time and their skills to help us create this project. The road to get here was a long and winding one and we couldn’t have done it without you. Now onto the next! #CCFS2021 Video: Ludovic Nortier @focustheblur Photo: Mathilde Bresson @mathildebresson TEAM Head Coordinator/Editor in Chief: Kiana Emtiaz @kikiemtiaz Creative Director: Rosabella Marcial Head of Beauty: Jose Vargas @zayvargas DESIGNERS Angeline Wacker @angiewacker Brandon de Cuna Elizabeth Timko @elizabeth_timko Kiana Emtiaz @kikiemtiaz Kylee Stone @kyleestone3 Mercy Fuentes @mercyfuentes_ Sarah Schirmer @sarahjschirmer HAIR Laney Becker @beautybylaney__ Rosie Sanchez @rosiebugg_ Carol Haas @carolhaas_hair MAKEUP Jose Vargas @zayvargas Dalton Massey @daltondrke Elissa Arvizu @earvizu_ Reyna Garcia @reynavgarcia Savannah Medina @svemdna Tyler Williams @fleshindisguise MODELS Yasmine Ashley @yasmine_ashley Leora Ramirez @confessionsofa_fashionholic Sara Rutledge @sara_rutledge Haley Griffith @haleyxgriffith Tayler Caffee @taylercaffee Valerie Bukowski @valeriebukowski Vanessa Bukowski @vanessabukowski Hanna Hunsaker @xbodysurfingurlx Mercedes Marafa @mercedesmafara Karly Coleman @karlycoleman Cana Martin @cana.martin.16 Mistina Gonzalez @mistinagonzales Rachel DeMott Megan Mandal @meganmandal Alejandra Lopez @alejanndra.lopez Mitchie Sanchez @mitchie_sg Pricila Valdez @pricilasteph Saren Martinez Eileen Pacheco @eileenxpacheco Ana Ruiz-Bonaparte @anaruiz_22 Sierra Foy @kweensierra Nadine Gomez @nadineartistry Oleg Galkin @ol_galkin Desli Parra Haylee Hawkins @hayleehawkins Shelby Homes VOLUNTEERS Darlene Hernandez @darling_darleneee Josie Bell @joswhoshe_ Natalie Campos @nataliecelia_

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Campus Couture plans on capturing the collections through photoshoots that will be turned into a video like last year’s show. The theme of this year’s show is metropolitan magazine. 

Each year, the fashion show has a theme for social media and marketing purposes, but the designers are not required to make collections based on the theme. 

Natalie Campos, a fourth-year fashion design major and design liaison assistant. Photo courtesy of Natalie Campos.

“We opened up the magazine theme to anything [the designers] do,” Natalie Campos, a fourth-year fashion design major and design liaison assistant, said. “Any type of fashion goes into a magazine. To let the designers’ creative ideas all in and not restrict them from anything. The magazine [theme] just ties everything that we want to include in.” 

Campus Couture is currently taking calls for designers looking to showcase their work in the fashion show. The deadline to submit is Oct. 30.  

In previous years, models have been able to audition in-person, but this year, Campus Couture plans on putting out a sign-up sheet in November for interested models. They will require headshots, a video of the model walking and measurements. Once Campus Couture collects all that information, it will go into a lookbook that the designers will then get to choose from. 

“We already have a model lookbook from last year that we’re thinking about going back [to] and reaching out to those models,” Josie Bell, a fourth-year fashion design major and design liaison, said. “But we would like to give new models and new people the opportunity to be a part of [the fashion show].” 

Josie Bell, a fourth-year fashion design major and design liaison. Photo courtesy of Josie Bell.

According to Bell, who is also the coordinator in charge of model recruitment and selecting judges, Campus Couture is still unsure if it will include judges this year because of the virtual format of the show. In years past, the judges were industry professionals or alumni from Long Beach State who would watch the show and vote on the best collections in each category.

“We are doing something very different,” Bell said. “Just having everyone’s positive energy, just having as much audience and everyone see and be a part of it will be the best thing. I think the audience will be the judges.” 

This semester, Campus Couture started creating monthly magazine issues to correlate with the theme that will be posted on its Instagram feed. At the end of the month, the complete issue can be viewed on an Instagram story highlight reel. 

Makayla Coleman, a fourth-year fashion merchandising major and creative director. Photo courtesy of Makayla Coleman.

According to Makayla Coleman, the coordinator in charge of the magazines, the idea was to have a multifaceted way to communicate with the audience while relating to the theme. 

“There were so many things happening right when we started, even for coordinators for Campus Couture,” Coleman, a fourth-year fashion merchandising major and creative director, said. “There were so many race things going on in the country, so many election [things], all types of things going on all at once. So we were like, ‘How do we encompass all of this into one thing?’ Well, I thought a magazine would be cool because it will keep everybody updated, but it will also be fashion-related and modern.” 

Each issue will consist of a digital cover, fashion news, style inspiration, lifestyle and beauty tips. 

Campus Couture wanted the Instragram magazine to be somewhat of a timepiece that the senior designers can take with them. One volume of the magazine will feature the designers of the fashion show as well.

Campus Couture was planning on having a drive-in movie fundraiser where they would show fashion-based movies like “The Devil Wears Prada” or “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” Due to campus COVID-19 regulations, though, they were told by their advisor, Celia Mejia, assistant director of Student Life and Development, that a drive-in movie was not possible. 

Carley Sullivan, a fourth-year fashion merchandising major and head coordinator. Photo courtesy of Carley Sullivan.

According to Carley Sullivan, a fourth-year fashion merchandising major and head coordinator, Campus Couture will focus on reaching out to different companies this year in order to fundraise. 

In years past, they had in-person events.  

“Now we’re just trying to go back to the drawing board and figure out different virtual events that people would want to go to and pay for,” Sullivan said. 

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