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New art at Long Beach State begins installation process in December

The Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum announced Tuesday a new art project that will begin installation at Long Beach State in December.

According to Amanda Fruta, public affairs and communications specialist for Kleefeld Contemporary, sm[ART]box will be installed on lower campus, “in front of the CSULB College of Professional & International Education and near the Outpost restaurant.”

The installation process will continue through 2022.

sm[ART]box, created by TBM Designs, an energy solutions company, is a repurposed shipping container made of thermostatic bimetal, which are two layers of metal bonded together that respond to changes in temperature by bending or moving. 

The thermostatic bimetal used in sm[ART]box was reinvented by TBM Designs founder Doris Sung, an architect and professor at the University of Southern California. Her work creating the self-shading window system, InVert, utilized thermostatic bimetal differently, which will be seen in sm[ART]box.

In a press release from the Kleefeld Contemporary about sm[ART]box, the thermostatic bimetal, “are re-arranged within a delicate matrix to create an elegant low-maintenance system to cool interior spaces. Thusly, sm[ART]box responds to the changing outdoor temperature incredibly efficiently—all without computer automation or human intervention.”

The installation, with its environmentally friendly, multidisciplinary technology, is set to “engage Cal State Long Beach students, Long Beach residents and Southern California communities in dialogue about sustainability, urban planning and a more arts-integrated future.”

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