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Long Beach underwater

Residents looking forward to enjoying outdoor dining this weekend, following Gov. Gavin Newsom’s announcement Jan. 25, were met with cold winds and rain.

Newsom confirmed during a press conference last Monday that all regional stay-at-home orders have been lifted in the state and that counties will be returning to a tier-based system of COVID-19 measures.

Under this transition, the majority of counties in California, including Los Angeles County, will be back in the purple tier under the Blueprint for a Safer Economy that closes many non-essential indoor businesses. The purple tier indicates widespread risk, and many businesses are able to operate with outdoor modifications.

“While we are proud of the framework we put out, the CDC put out, and others, but we recognize it has advantages and it has disadvantages as it relates to speed and efficiency,” Newsom said.

This meant that Long Beach restaurants that have been unable to have outdoor dining since last year were finally able to open their patios, though the weather was not conducive to the activity.

Despite the wind chill and damp conditions, residents flocked to enjoy their favorite food, outdoors.

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