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Vegan Filipino bakery continues to serve Long Beach community

Long Beach Ube and dessert lovers, add San and Wolves bakeshop to your try list.

San & Wolves is owned and operated by Kym Estrada, who offers traditional and vegan Filipino baked goods, which is one of, if not, the first bakeshops in California to do so.

From the traditional cassava cake and pan de coco to her own creations like cornbread bibingka and buko pop tarts, Estrada has something interesting for everyone to try.

But before starting her business, Estrada worked at a media agency helping with celebrity media and social media relations. She soon realized that kind of work was not for her and decided to pursue her baking aspirations.

Estrada found work at local vegan bakeries in Brooklyn where she found a love for baking and gained experience in the business. She found herself baking more at home, trying to experiment with flavors and recipes that were more Filipino.

“I was getting more sense of my culture and wanting to learn about it more,” Estrada said.

Estrada has been vegan for over 10 years. Growing up, she had the assumption that she was the only vegan Filipino. That was before meeting a group called the “Asian Vegan Gang” in Brooklyn where she realized that there were many people like her.

Then in 2017, Estrada founded her first vegan bakeshop in Brooklyn, New York before moving to Long Beach in 2020.

As of right now, San & Wolves is a one-woman show where Estrada prepares throughout the week and bakes treats the day before her customer pick them up on the weekend.

She posts a pre-order menu every Sunday unless she is doing a pop-up event. The pre-order menu can be found on the official San & Wolves Bakeshop website or their Instagram, which is under the same name.

Estrada’s personal favorite baked good of the week is cornbread bibingka.

“You know how you never have a favorite movie, and it changes every week?” Estrada said. “It’s like that, cornbread bibingka is my favorite this week, but pan de coco is a staple.”

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