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‘Spencer’ film gives a rare glimpse into the eyes of a princess

Warning: This review may contain spoilers.

The new biographical drama film, “Spencer” explores the most vulnerable side of Princess Diana through Kirsten Stewart’s performance and its visual storytelling which spotlights her ongoing legacy.

“Spencer” is the latest film about the late Princess Diana which navigates both the intense psychological and internal moments during her marriage to Prince Charles while maintaining its magnificent visual storytelling throughout the whole film.

Kirsten Stewart’s magnificent performance stood out as the main highlight of this film.

Stewart understood how to capture almost all of Diana’s real-life facial and verbal expressions such as her mannerisms and how she used to talk in the soft-spoken manner that she was well-known for.

Through Stewart’s portrayal, audiences will be able to witness the vulnerable emotions that the late Princess of Wales may have experienced throughout her stormy marriage to Prince Charles.

Stewart’s performance is the latest portrayal of the princess and has received comparisons to Emma Corrin’s portrayal of a young Lady Diana in the fourth season of Netflix’s “The Crown” in which both actresses portrayed the character well in their own special way that showcased the two eras that Diana lived through.

However, Stewart gave a stronger performance by demonstrating Diana’s persona and pursuit to finding true happiness.

The visual storytelling of the film was exceptional, especially since it focused on Diana’s personal point of view on how she viewed royal life.

Director Pablo Larrarin did a great job developing this film, which provided an intimate glimpse into Diana’s internal vulnerability and mental health.

Compared to many biographical films that mainly focused on the drama behind Diana’s marriage with Prince Charles or her love life, this film took on a more intimate approach towards it by focusing on her overall mental health in a visually creative way.

Larrarin’s directorial style demonstrated the more of Diana’s human side and visually focused on many metaphors that were shown throughout the film.

This film shares similar parallels with Larrarin’s 2016 biographical film “Jackie” which focused on former first lady Jackie Kennedy Onasses.

In both films, Larrarin focused on the internal struggles and mental wellness that both of the women faced.

Audiences can also appreciate other visuals such as the beautiful sceneries of the English country side and other locations that provide a closer look into British high society.

The release of this beautifully made film reminds us that the memory and legacy Princess Diana left remains strong.

Despite it being over 24 years since her death, Diana’s role in our society remains significant due to her advocacy of many causes, her kindness and her accessibility to the public which made her an icon.

Behind all the glamour and fame, “Spencer” spotlighted Princess Diana, not as a public figure, but as a true human being which is what makes her “the people’s princess” to this day.

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