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The buzz on Long Beach breweries

Delicious craft beers aren’t the only thing that brings in customers to craft breweries in Long Beach. Each offers a unique experience from easygoing music, nostalgic arcade games, and ocean views to enjoy your cold drink while socializing with friends. Here are a few breweries that offer memorable experiences for customers.

Long Beach Beer Lab

Long Beach Beer Lab, located near the intersection of Willow Street and Magnolia Avenue, brings a multitude of services to their patrons.

As you walk into the brewery, their pastry display stands out with muffins, scones, cookies, and croissants inside. The list of beers on tap, which was a variety of IPA’s, blonde ales, and pilsners, is on display behind the pastries.

When sitting and enjoying a beer, patrons can admire the mural which takes up a large space on their wall. The brewery offers multiple tables, and music and games for entertainment.

One of the most unique aspects of the brewery is the video game machine for their patrons to play for free. The nostalgia call-back game system has Tekken, Dragon Ball Z, Bomberman, Crazy Taxi, Diddy Kong Racing, among many others.

Overall, it’s a good place to relax and have fun with friends while playing a variety of arcade games.

Mural inside of Long Beach Beer Lab.
Mural inside of Long Beach Beer Lab. Photo credit: Michael Carcano

Ballast Point

Ballast Point, located at 110 N. Marina Drive, has a relaxed social setting for their customers.

Customers witness the center bar as they walk in, high tables to the right and table booths to the left. Small couches provide patrons with an ocean view, and the outdoor patio area provides an ocean breeze to keep customers cool.

“Fences” by Phoenix plays in the background, with sports talk shows and the news playing on the multiple TV’s placed throughout the establishment.

The beers on tap offer something for every kind of beer drinker. On the lighter side, Ballast Point offers their California Kölsch, a light golden ale. For those craving the “hops,” a Hazy Sculpin IPA, which is described as an “East coast take on a West Coast IPA,” would be a good recommendation. On the rich and darker side, Ballast point offers the “Victory at Sea,” an Imperial Porter.

The menu also includes appetizers including wings, fries, steak nachos, or pretzel bites along with tacos, salads, burgers, chicken sandwiches, and desserts such as fudge cake, crème brulee and tiramisu.

Ballast Point is a definite must for those who are looking for brewery with a relaxing setting and a wide variety of beers on tap.

Outside the entrance of Ballast Point brewery.
Outside the entrance of Ballast Point brewery. Photo credit: Michael Carcano

Belmont Brewing Company

The Belmont Brewing Company, located off 39th Place, provides customers with an ocean-beach view on the back patio, as well as interior restaurant-style seating. The establishment offers beer, wine, and food.

They have beers such as “The Marathon”, which is a light ale, the “Strawberry Blonde”, which is described as a “fruit forward beer,” a “Chocolate Blonde”, a “Pale Ale”, and the “Long Beach Crude.” Patrons have the opportunity to order a beer flight of all the in-house brewed beers for $12.

There’s plenty of outdoor patio seating for customers to enjoy the beach view. The ocean-view makes the brewery worthwhile to enjoy a beer with a breeze.

Outside of The Belmont Brewing Company, near the Belmont Shore.
Outside of The Belmont Brewing Company, near the Belmont Shore. Photo credit: Michael Carcano

Trademark Brewing

Trademark Brewing, located on 223 E. Anaheim Street, is a sustainably-focused brewery with an artsy environment and welcoming staff members.

As you walk outside, the surrounding walls have painted murals on the sides of the building. A small portion of the wall features a painting of Frida Kahlo for their patrons to admire as they re-enter the brewery.

Food vendor, DeeVegan catering, which sold carne asada, al pastor and chorizo tacos, was located outside of the brewery, offering a nice bite to eat along with the Trademark Brewing drinks.

The brewery offers many games for patrons to play during their visit such as Uno, Battleship, Clue, Sorry, Jumanji, and Scrabble. With a wide variety of beers offered, ordering the flight of five allows patrons to try a little bit of everything.

Beer Flight from Trademark Brewing.
Beer Flight from Trademark Brewing. Photo credit: Michael Carcano

Finding parking for Trademark Brewing, Belmont Brewing, and Long Beach Beer Lab is a small obstacle for their patrons but it’s worth the trip for Long Beach locals. Other breweries in Long Beach include Beachwood Brewing, Steady Brewing, and Liberation Brewing.

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