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Studygram: a resource for studying

You’ve graduated and decided to take the next step in your education: grad school. Sometimes it can be difficult to set the pace or organize yourself but the good thing is there are plenty of online resources to help you navigate this next adventure.

One of those resources is “studygram”—an Instagram community of students who help each other by sharing their experiences and showcasing the good and the bad. Some examples include Instagram pages like @kermitkritterstudies and @studywithara.

Screenshot of kermitkritterstudies' instagram account profile.
Screenshot from kermitkritterstudies, an Instagram account dedicated to sharing productivity tips and resources. Photo credit: Krithy of kermitkritterstudies
Screenshot of the "kermitkritterstudies" Instagram feed
@kermitkritterstudies makes Instagram posts with tips on how to best study certain subjects and create better habits. Photo credit: kermitkritterstudies
Screenshot of the "Studywithara" instagram account.
Screenshot from studywithara, a "studygram"account on Instagram that offers advice on how to stay organized during school. Photo credit: studywithara
Screenshot of studywithara's instagram feed.
@studywithara's instagram feed consists of posts focusing on sharing lifestyle and study tips. Photo credit: studywithara

The main objective of their Instagram accounts is to provide tools to students so they can improve their studying habits, talk about topics ranging from improving grades, self-care, and combating stress, and even give insight into their activities outside of school and how to achieve a good work/life balance.

Within studygram, students can find a community of other students providing their insights with information on just about anything. Most of the time, people in this community have lots of years of school under their belt which can be useful for grad students.

Pages like these can help students become organized and learn from the experiences they discuss. They share helpful resources such as websites, Google Chrome extensions, applications that help with school, study tips, schedules and more!

A few websites recommended by @studywithara:

  • – for making guides about anything such as how to create an Excel sheet, how to navigate Zoom and even how to make your LinkedIn page look better

Google extensions that are useful provided by @kermitkritterstudies:

  • Power Thesaurus – useful for when you overuse a word and need something different
  • Grammarly – useful for correcting your papers through grammar and sentence structure
  • Bitly – useful for shortening links to pages when needed

If you want to learn more information on how to set yourself up for success in grad school—or do better in school in general—check out their Instagram pages or browse through the hashtag #studygram on Instagram to help you in your academic endeavors. Happy studying!

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