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562 Flea market supports small businesses with original products

Local small businesses displayed hand-made, original products during the 562 Flea market at Long Beach City College Pacific Coast Campus on Sunday.

The 562 Flea is held two to three times a month with free admission for all guests. The event days are continuously updated on 562 Flea social media pages.

Most of the small businesses were started last year, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Small business owners explained they started making their products as a way to pass the time.

Jose Villalobos and Kailynne Stilwagen selig their scented wax candles during the 562 Flea market on Sunday.
Jose Villalobos and Kailynne Stilwagen selling their scented wax candles during the 562 Flea market on Sunday. Photo credit: Vincent Medina

Jose Villalobos and Kailynne Stilwagen are the owners and creators of WAX, a small business that makes handmade scented candles. After several months of trial and error, the couple developed their candle formula and began selling their candles. The candle scents include melon, apple and coconut.

“The next stage [with] our candles is working with the students or artists and photographers so they can display their work on the candles,” Villalobos said. “Something that’s really important when we started this business was helping others pursue their passions and ambitions.”

WAX also created stickers and smaller candles for customers. Their work and business information can be found on their Instagram page.

Isabella Lloyd-Damnjanovic
Isabella Lloyd-Damnjanovic gives her customer a tarot reading during the 562 Flea market at Long Beach City College. Photo credit: Vincent Medina

Isabella Lloyd-Damnjanovic displayed her business Balkanksa Magic Company, where she sold hand-crafted jewelry made from natural gemstones and gave tarot readings to customers.

“During the pandemic I got really depressed and I started looking for some kind of answer for what’s going on,” Lloyd-Damnjanovic said. “My friend gifted me a tarot deck and I did readings with friends, who later told me I should start doing this as a business because of my accuracy.”

The small business owner has also explored other small business events and flea markets in LA County, such as the Hot Girl Market which displays woman-owned businesses, and the LA River Farmers’ Market.

Vendors and entrepreneurs can book a spot to display their small business at the 562 Flea website.

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