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Campus Couture prepares for 35th annual fashion show

The fashionably eye-catching experience known as the Campus Couture Fashion Show is currently underway, with the club working hard all year long to ensure that the 35th annual event falls into place.

Showcased at the University Student Ballroom on May 5, the fashion show has been thoroughly planned by members of Campus Couture since the start of the school year.

“From August to now, we start thinking about the show, like getting designers who are interested in participating and getting models and volunteers ready,” said Carolina Beckett, assistant head coordinator for Campus Couture. She added that as soon as each fashion show ends in May, the process for the next one begins.

This year’s show theme is going to be Campus Couture Goes Vogue.

“That’s going to be the layout for pretty much the entire show, but in regards to what each designer is doing, they’re more than happy to experiment on their own,” Beckett said. The designers are all Long Beach State students coming from the fashion department, ready to share their vision with the community.

Megan Yao, one of the models for this year’s show and sophomore fashion merchandising major, said she is most excited to see all of the unique designs the designers come up with this year while also experiencing the behind-the-scenes perspective of the fashion show.

“It’s student-run, and I feel like everyone puts in a lot of hard work,” Yao said. “Everyone should go support and see what cool, amazing designs fellow students create.”

Among the many steps involved in setting up the fashion show, fundraising is one of the most important aspects for its success, as the production mainly relies on funds raised through Campus Couture.

Board members have been hosting fundraisers that partner with local companies around Long Beach throughout the year to raise show funds, said Beckett. Their most recent partnerships were with CaliTea, Flame Broiler and Krispy Kreme.

“As much as we do get help from campus, we need a lot of extra funds to be able to create the show and elevate it,” Beckett said.

The funds that Campus Couture raises go toward services such as the location of the show, the production company, hiring photographers and makeup artists and other necessary production services.

“All of that is actually pretty costly, and I feel like a lot of people don’t realize it. The school doesn’t really help with it, so we have to apply for grants and fundraise ourselves just to even get a budget for this,” Beckett said.

As the production of the much-anticipated Campus Couture Fashion Show continues to take shape, club members and volunteers continue to work hard while the big day approaches.

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