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No more plastic, it’s fantastic

In 2021, the global reusable water bottle market size was valued at USD 8.64 billion and is expected to grow 4.3% from 2022 to 2030.

The latest fixation by millennials and Gen Z is one that is valuable to all parties involved.

Trends on social media such as TikTok tokened the phrase “emotional support water bottle” to showcase individuals who carry their water bottles everywhere, whether it’s to class, the gym, work or anywhere.

Individuals with reusable water bottle brands can customize their tumblers in any way. They come in a variety of different colors and shapes. Stickers and drawings can be added for personalization.

Hydro Flasks are amongst one of the more popular tumbler brands. It is widely used due to its temperature retention and unique style. Many opt for Hydro Flasks because of the influencers and trends that have followed this brand.

“I am a big fan of Harry Potter so I have some Harry Potter stickers that I bought off of Etsy on my Hydro Flask,” sociology major Sofia Lopez said. “Having something with me at all times that feels personal to me is comforting.”

Staying hydrated is extremely important and aiming to reduce the use of single-use plastic can tremendously help the environment.

Every year, 380 million metric tons of plastic are produced, and 91% of it is not recycled.

As more people become aware of this, small changes are being made to fix the catastrophic state that our oceans and ecosystems are in.

Reusable tumblers are multifaceted in the way that having one not only helps the environment, but also helps keep you hydrated.

“I like using reusable water bottles because they’re sustainable,” molecular cell biology and physiology major Jordyn Nicolas said. “Using them is a small change in my everyday life that makes a big difference for the environment.”

There are a few hydration stations on campus, conveniently designed as a water fountain and refill station for all types of reusable water bottles.

“I personally love my Stanley tumbler, it’s a lot more convenient for me because I fill it up throughout campus without constantly having to buy plastic water bottles,” communications major Diego Martinez said. “It gives me more of an incentive to drink my water because it’s so easily accessible.”

Each station allows students to see the impact of choosing to refrain from plastic, showing that whatever their reasoning for using a sustainable bottle may be, it is making a difference.

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