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Buy-and-sell shop 2nd STREET USA to open on Belmont Shore

A designer buy-and-sell clothing company called 2nd STREET USA will be opening a new location on Belmont Shore’s Second Street.

2nd STREET is a Japanese retail chain that specializes in used clothing, and has over 700 locations in Japan. The chain opened its first U.S. store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, Calif., and has since grown with stores in New York, Oregon and Texas.

2nd STREET distinguishes itself from other clothing stores that engage in buying and selling by offering a diverse range of clothing styles. Whether customers are looking for streetwear, vintage pieces, Japanese designer apparel or luxury accessories, they can browse through an extensive selection to discover a style that suits them.

“I feel as though there are very few consignment shops here in Long Beach,” says Long Beach State fashion merchandising student Aisling Mills. “While I do enjoy the few that we have, 2nd STREET looks like it will carry clothes that we don’t see in a lot of other stores in Long Beach, like COMME des GARÇONS or Stüssy.”

The store’s signature slogan, “More valuable than new,” is about the company’s aim of encouraging sustainability in fashion consumption. 2nd STREET encourages the purchase and sale of secondhand fashion to promote sustainability and reduce textile waste.

As a result of the store’s focus on green fashion, it’s unlikely that you’ll find many fast fashion brands in-store. However, if you’re on the hunt for some second hand upscale clothing, then you’re in luck.

2nd STREET’s newest Belmont Shore store, located on the cornerstone of Second Street and Granada Avenue, marks the chain’s 24th location in the U.S. Its Long Beach location is not only strategic due to it being literally on Second Street, but its placement will bridge the gap between its Los Angeles County and Orange County locations.

As a buy-and-sell clothing store, 2nd STREET welcomes customers to come and sell their own gently used clothes, bags, shoes, watches and other accessories. They can also trade for items of similar value. Sellers must be 18-years-old and have an ID.

The retail store will have a soft opening from April 22 to April 28 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for buying only. With a 20% markup offer for clothing, sellers are encouraged to come and sell their items before the store’s grand opening.

With few consignment shops to visit in Long Beach, and even fewer streetwear-focused stores, the new 2nd STREET location will be sure to spark excitement for fashion lovers and Second Street enthusiasts alike.

“I think it’s about time we see new clothing stores in the area,” says longtime Belmont Shore enthusiast Camille Larsen. “With there already being so many fun places on Second to visit, the new store will definitely be a fun addition to the street’s vibe!”

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