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Printmaking finds another dimension

Gretchen Merideth Jankowski, 31, is a printmaking major. The opening reception of her master’s of fine arts exhibition was in the Gatov Gallery in the Art Department Student Galleries last Sunday.

In the Gatov Gallery, the visitor faces a wall of two-dimensional prints on fabric in different colors and textiles that come to life in a three dimensions. The prints seem to be spread all over as if they are growing out of the wall. Mixed among the prints are small, pieces of printmaking sculptures, hung as three, big sculptures on the wall.

Jankowski’s work is focused on abstract, geometric patterns that overlap and intertwine with one another. Her sources of inspiration are relief printing, silk screening, and other varied techniques.

“The [relief print] plates can be used over and over again in different ways to create random geometric shapes, creating work that vibrates texture, pattern and color,” Jankowski explains.

One particular piece of artwork that stands out is a sound piece design made in collaboration with Jankowski’s cousin, Emily Jankowski-Pezic. It stands in the middle of its own separate room. Visitors gathered around and watched a girl jump on the large, soft-sculptured artistic piece made of patterns.

Depending on what part of the sculpture she jumps on, it creates a sound like the deep tone of an organ. The soft texture invites people to interact with this piece and discover the sounds formed by touching it.

The artist herself observeed the scene with a satisfied regard: “I really want them to interact and walk away with a smile.”

The exhibition is hands-on, which means that you are welcome to experience the unique pieces of art using all your senses.

“I want viewers to stroke and even sit on the work, to experience it firsthand, to leave their imprints. So please, touch, look, listen, enjoy and explore with all your senses and emotions,” Jankowski said.

Jankowski’s plan for her future is to apply for an artist residency and display her work in spaces outside of the university. We will soon hear more from this great artist and her outstanding work.


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