Lykke Li performs at Glass House

Swedish Indie singer, Lykke Li, set the Glass House in Pomona on fire last night in a sold out show, with music from her first album Youth Novels.
            Li released her album mid-August and started her North American tour in January. Along with Li came the Swedish band, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, who has opened for her during the tour.
Fairly enough, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, prepared the crowd yet managed to impress them with their wild beat drumming.
An anxious audience began to shout, clap and throw their hands in the air, as Lykke Li made her way onto the stage looking hip in black and ripped nylons.
Li seldom paused to speak, yet did hold a practice session where she taught the crowd how to follow along with a bit of French for “Window Blues.”
Though it is hard to say which were the highlights of the night because Li was overall amazing and able to be hip and sexy, there were some worth mentioning.  Li owned “Knocked Up,” which is originally sung by Kings of Leon and later decided to throw a Swedish techno party with “Complaint Department.” But the striking moment came when Li decided to play Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli,” and produced some rapping of her own.
Lykke Li received one encore and came back to leave the audience “satisfied.”
As her tour comes to a close end, one can still get to see the comely young singer at Coachella where she will be on the last day of the yearly big festival.

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