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Snack now, peel better later

Before we can go home and celebrate the holidays with our loved ones, we must finish our last task of the semester: finals. With the dreaded week comes the inevitable scramble to find a spot to study and asking professors last minute questions. One thing the majority of college students[Read More…]

The ultimate finals playlist

Music is an integral part of my life. So much so, I can barely go more than an hour without putting my mangled headphones in my ears — yes, I’m sadly Airpod-less. Music motivates me to get through anything, whether it’s cleaning, exercising or studying. With finals season quickly approaching,[Read More…]

Gambling with bad luck

An Associated Students Inc. worker swiped my student I.D. card through the machine and then handed it back to me. “Wacky tulip,” I whispered to her, a secret password posted by ASI that would get me extra tickets and through a secret entrance.   She nodded with a smile and[Read More…]

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