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The Syrian Crisis is Obama’s Rwanda

Twenty years after hundreds of thousands of people were mercilessly slaughtered in the Rwandan genocide, world leaders are still lamenting over the fact that so little was done to intervene and stop the ethnic bloodletting. In just 100 days, over 800,000 people died as Hutu extremists used machetes to murder[Read More…]

Saving the best for last

Fusion, a collaborative concert between the dance department and the Bob Cole Conservatory of music came to fruition on Friday and Saturday nights. The show definitely built up to its best and last performance, Rebecca Lemme’s “Disarm.” Described as recognizing the cycles of violence in the press release, this piece[Read More…]

Medieval masterpieces

Raised by a blacksmith, artist Brittnee Forline has been influenced by her father’s roots in metal work; her own detailed creations explore her fascination with medieval fantasies. Gray, soldered rings and intricately designed copper necklaces and other jewelry made by Forline rest on mannequins on display at the exhibit titled[Read More…]

Making an impression on ‘The Beach’

Tracy, California is approximately a five-hour drive away from Cal State University Long Beach; for Tracy native Mitchell Adams, The Beach is more than a new home. Long Beach is the destination Adams chose to pursue his dream to become an entertainer and rapper called The Only Child. Adams is[Read More…]

ASI to create more study space

Each Associated Students, Inc. senator has been asked to reserve a room on campus to open for studying during the week of finals, beginning Dec. 15. At the ASI Senate meeting on Wednesday, ASI Vice President Nayiri Baghdassarian assigned the senators three tasks to “raise awareness” of the ASI on[Read More…]

ABC’s of Chemistry

As a young inquisitive student, Stephen Mezyk was transfixed by multicolored chemicals as they danced in a test tube. He said these chemical rainbows made him want to pursue chemistry professionally. Stephen Mezyk is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Cal State University Long Beach. He is involved in[Read More…]

Positively stressing out

Cal State University Long Beach students are less than a month away from finals, which could increase levels of stress felt on campus. Stress management workshops are held for students on Mondays, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., and on Wednesdays, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., in the Health[Read More…]

TV on the Radio plants new seeds

TV on The Radio went through a rough time after the death of their bassist; now with their first album since 2011, the band emerges from gloom and finds optimism. “Seeds” their fifth studio album for the band since their last album “Nine Types of Light” which was released on[Read More…]

Drifting with Robert Francis and The Night Tide

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Robert Francis teamed up with members from The Night Tide to release his fourth album “Heaven” this past June. Francis’ wanderlust persona has jumped trains into his musical realm. His music turns listeners into vagabonds hitchhiking across a highway of influences: traditional country styling, lazy blues[Read More…]

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