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Campus safety review: Active shooter situation

Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, gun control and school security have become the center of debate. The CSULB campus is no exception. The numerous school shootings have prompted campus police to emphasize on both student communication and safety.

Kbeach dives into HD radio

Kbeach student radio, since it’s conception in 1997, has existed solely as an internet station, but will soon be broadcasting across the greater Los Angeles area with its own terrestrial radio bandwidth. Thanks to an investment by Associated Students, Inc., the station will take advantage of technology that allows a[Read More…]

Students react to presidential debate

The election season has peaked with the first presidential debate on Wednesday. After watching the verbal battle at The Nugget on Cal State Long Beach, students gave their impressions on President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney .

iPhone 5 release

As the release of the newest iPhone family member approaches, one question remains: what makes the Apple phone line so popular? Reporter Daniel Ochoa investigates the trends and marketing behind the iPhone.

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