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Playing the Field : 10.22.15

In a special episode of “Playing the Field,” Jared and Ramon banter on a variety of topics as they try to power through during midterms. From Marshawn Lynch’s gig at Starbucks to a Tinder-inspired app for sports fans, this episode will have you laughing till the end of the semester.

Morning 49er News: 10.14.15

Keeping you current at the Beach with event an events calendar with performances at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center and the Theatre Arts Players Theater. Also, Jesus Ambrosio asks students where they would like to study abroad for this weeks campus voice.

Playing the Field : 10.8.15

It’s October, and for many sports fans it’s time to celebrate playoff season for baseball. With the World Series looming on the horizon, Jared and Ramon try to settle which team–Dodgers and Angels–most Cal State Long Beach students and faculty seem to root for.

Morning 49er News: 10.7.15

Keeping you current at the Beach! Mitchell Keith and Andrew Linde talk about today’s top headlines in the Daily 49er. Also, a special report with student opinion’s about an upcoming smoking ban on the CSULB campus. Special events this week include the Let’s Talk Consent presentation and some free films[Read More…]

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