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Legislature rejects unit cap proposal for CSU, UC

To the relief of some groups, the California State Legislature rejected Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to implement a unit cap for Cal State University and University of California students. However, the cap could be included in the May revise, according to Meredith Vivian, director of government relations at the California[Read More…]

CSULB alumna to make a statement with jewelry

Cal State Long Beach alumna Casey Lum’s goal was to start a business before her 30th birthday. When she blows out the candles on May 24, she will have done just that. Lum, who graduated in 2006, has created an online statement jewelry boutique, B. Poy & Jo, set to[Read More…]

CSULB graduation rates are on the rise

Despite budget woes from recent years at Cal State Long Beach, graduation rates are rising – but not the number of graduates. According to Vice Provost for Planning and Budgets David Dowell, the number of students graduating from CSULB has decreased because of low enrollment numbers, a consequence of budget[Read More…]

Africana studies students march to Brotman Hall

The sound of beating African drums and chants from a group of more than 50 echoed from the University Union Southwest Terrace yesterday at noon. “No justice, no peace,” the group of students, faculty and other supporters chanted. The chants continued through hallways, eventually landing in front of Brotman Hall[Read More…]

Battleblock Theater is insane, hilarious fun

One would think that innovation in the genre of side-scrolling 2D platformers would be nearly impossible, but The Behemoth’s new masterpiece “Battleblock Theater” is a huge improvement on the formula. The game spreads out the button-mashing combat elements and focuses more on precisely timed jumps, puzzle-solving and co-operative teamwork. In[Read More…]

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