Forty-Niner staffers collect multiple honors at ACP Clips and Clicks Contest

The Daily Forty-Niner staff took home three second-place awards from the ACP’ Fall 2020 Clips and Clicks Contest’ on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021.

The fall 2020 competition honors the work produced by student journalists from Aug.1 to Dec. 28, 2020. The nationwide competition was judged by collegiate professors, collegiate student media advisers and professional journalists.

Alejandro Vazquez, design editor for  the Daily Forty-Niner, was recognized with second place for his contribution to the front cover design of the Aug. 2020 issue, “Welcome to Pure Hell.” He also secured second place in the “newspaper page / spread design” category for his feature on the late men’s basketball coach Lute Olsen. 

“It’s been a challenge to work on the paper remotely,” said Vazquez. “However, it shows that no matter what obstacles get put in our way, we can still produce great content for our audience.”

Julia Terbeche, news editor for the Daily Forty-Niner and assistant news editor Iman Palm, were both recognized with second place for their article “CSULB denies allegations of plans to build parking lot on Puvungna.” The article touches on the alleged developments of CSULB’s plan on building a parking lot on Puvungna’s land and the reaction from the community.

As award season continues, there are high hopes for the Daily Forty-Niner and its staff to add to their recognitions in 2021.

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