Adult virgins still exist, and here’s the new show to prove it

TLC’s new and buzzed about show, “Virgin Diaries,” follows several adult couples who have managed to save themselves for their wedding night.

You heard me right, the adult virgin species hasn’t gone into extinction!

Some of these couples haven’t even had their first kiss yet. It’s kind of romantic in a biblical way.

The new show premiered Sunday night, and according to the TV Guide website, this is one show people are talking about.

“Virgin Diaries” took TV Guide’s No. 1 spot on its most talked about shows of the week.

Although being pure these days is considered unhip, I guess seeing virgins in their natural habitat on TV is, for some reason, appealing.

Apparently some people literally stayed true to the saying, “No one’s going to buy the cow if you give the milk away for free.”

Well, come wedding night, some of these cows are going to be getting their freak on.

Just look at the show’s promotional clip on Youtube at your own risk here.

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