Feeling lucky this leap year?

As 2012 approached, people all over the world feared that the end of the world was near. Oddly enough, this year brought us an extra day.

Every four years, the Gregorian calendar we all know and love adds an extra day to the calendar year. Thus, the leap year has 366 days.

Most people find no significance in the extra day. Most people don’t have a birthday on this day, too though. Since the date only occurs every four years, it is possible that a person only celebrates a birthday once every four years. Can you imagine? You turned 16, but not 17 or 18. Then you celebrated again at 20.

According to question and answers archive WiseGEEK, the leap year was created to keep the calendar in sync with the solar year. This allows the earth to complete its orbit around the sun. Similar to superstitions created for Friday the 13th, there are numerous beliefs and traditions for leap year, such as the role reversals with men and women during proposals.

On Feb. 29, those born in Scotland are considered to be unlucky. Those in Greece who marry this day are expected to have an unlucky marriage.

However, today is a lucky day for some as DIsneyland is open all day!

While some people couldn’t care less about this extra day, others look forward to being able to celebrate a birthday. Most countries compensate, especially for those born on this day, so that they can qualify for activities such as driving, marriage and drinking.

The question remains, what does this extra day mean to you? Feeling lucky?

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