It’s National Brother’s Week

According to Facebook, National Brother’s Week 2012 starts March 19, leading up to Brother’s Day on March 25. For me, it is just like any other day, although I do have an older brother.
Growing up, my brother Sean and I never got along. From pulling my hair, to teasing me and ripping my Barbie doll’s hair off, he tortured me in more ways than one.
Everyone always told me, “The older you become, the closer you will get.” False! We are still each other’s worst enemy. Sean will turn 25 in April. I am 22, but we still fight as if we’re five-year-olds.
I’ve noticed that friends of mine have always had the same issue, but their fighting diminished as they grew older.
This may possibly never happen with Sean and me. We are different, nearly polar opposites. He is shy, I am outspoken. When I am unhappy, I make it loud and clear, whereas he just rolls with the punches. He wants this, I want that.
Growing up, we always fought for the remote because we never like the same shows. Sean would want to tune in to “Power Rangers” and I’d cry for the “Rugrats.” We have never seen eye-to-eye, and that has become the greatest obstacle in trying to maintain a bond.
Even after our childhood, we stayed distant. In high school, we avoided one another in hallways, and we even walked home separately. My mother always tried to bring us together, but it just never worked. I have come to realize that it’s okay that we’re not close.
Although sibling relationships can come with several obstacles including rivalry and jealousy, there is still one special thing always shared. No matter what, that brother will always be one of the few people who not only understand, but know your past. This will always keep any sibling relationship special, whether you’re close or not.
For those who have a brother or someone like one, share the love this week by letting them know how special they are to you. It can be as simple as giving them an unexpected card, purchasing some movie tickets or taking them to dinner.
Even though my brother and I never have and may never share that special bond, he will always be my older, annoying and bullying brother.

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