Music therapy for studying

On a typical day after class, I find myself sitting at the Outpost on campus. I notice almost half of the students buried in their books studying. It’s not unusual, but almost all of them have their headphones on.

According to an article from the LA Times, musical therapy is making breakthroughs. Count me in as one of those students who cannot study without music playing in the background.

My parents always argue that playing music while studying is distracting me from fully understanding the material. I beg to differ. According to futurologist Machover, music “touches every aspect of cognition.”

“There are theories that music exists to exercise the mind and to help coordinate its separate functions. Music lovers intuitively know what researchers have verified, that music modulates our moods, helps us move, stimulates our language skills, strengthens our memories and can wondrously bring about emotional responses without their bothersome consequences,” added Machover.

In terms of studying, I find that music is highly influential. I listen to all forms of music while studying including country, indie, rock and more.

However, I have noticed it is more difficult to study to music that I am unfamiliar with. I tend to listen to music which I have already heard or memorized lyrics to. Otherwise, I find myself trying to not just hear the music, but listen to it.

Ironically, listening to classical music such as Beethoven or Mozart frustrates me. The lack of vocals in the music tenses me. I find that music helps me as a student to study. Although at times, I find myself singing along with the lyrics in the music, I have realized they help enhance the time I devote to studying. The music and the lyrics inspire me.



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