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CSULB Trends: Fall Trends Continued

Now that  summer is officially over, winter wear is continuing to impact campus fashion in a big way. Although many of us didn’t mind the heat, the worst combination in this beautiful fall weather is 8 a.m. classes and a cold breeze.

Waking up at 6:30 a.m. for an 8 a.m. class is hard on its own, but mixing it with the chill air can make any student grumpy! The best way to beat this crisp, fall season is to stack up those cozy layers! Feel as warm as summer by wearing appropriate layers in fall styles.

I caught Megan, a senior journalism student, right outside the SSPA building at 10 a.m. as she was leaving her 8 a.m. class. With the campus trees turning to fall foliage, I had to snap a few pictures of her next to such an October setting.

Megan kept her layers casual chic by wearing multiple long sleeves and a beanie to keep her ears warm. It’s impossible to feel cold when you’re dressed this cozy!

Both Megan’s oversized denim top and cream color Henley can be paired with a variety of colors and looks. Denim matches with pretty much anything and an oversized denim shirt works with a variety of different style tops. By being oversized, the denim shirt can fit snuggly over a thick sweater or worn loosely over a tank top or fitted tee.

Megan played it smart by wearing a Henley under her denim shirt. Henley’s are a winter staple, the lightweight material brings a surprising amount of warmth. Not only are Henleys comfortable, they can be matched with almost any fall outfit.

As written in my pervious post, Megan stayed with the classic winter piece by wearing a pair of black leggings. Black leggings can be paired with so many outfits that every girl should own a pair in their closet! Megan knew the black leggings rule of thumb by making sure her top layers were long enough to hit her thighs. Nothing cheapens black leggings more than when the black leggings become too revealing. There are great black leggings where the material is thick enough to be worn with a shorter top but those will cost a pretty penny. My advice to those who want to wear leggings with a shorter top: find a great pair of black jeggings. The invention of jeggings are a girl’s dream, so comfortable yet gives the same look as jeans!

My favorite parts of Megan’s look are the accessories and shoes she wore. Her delicate rings are the perfect touch to her effortless look. Her rings are just noticeable enough yet not being overbearing. Megan also went with the current trend of midway rings. These rings are popping up at virtually all retailers and can be found at affordable prices!

Another fall/winter staple are Megan’s camel colored booties. Camel is definitely a fall color classic and can be worn with a variety of outfits. Booties are comfortable enough to be worn at school and cute enough to be worn anywhere!

To buy Megan’s look, many of her top pieces and accessories were purchased at Urban Outfitters, sunglasses are from CRAP eyewear, booties are Coach and denim top is vintage.

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