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Spectacle: “The Walking Dead” Season 4, Episode 3 Recap

We start with Glenn and Maggie digging graves in the yard. The flu is starting to take more lives.

We move back to Tyreese and the two burnt bodies, one of which is Karen. Rick, Daryl, and Carol try to console Tyreese, but he begins to lose it. He punches Rick in the face several times and Rick fights back nearly beating him to a pulp before Daryl stops him.

Hershel is tending to Rick’s bloodied hand. He tells him about the next council meeting but Rick turns him down. They walk outside to see Sascha stumbling out coughing hard. She goes to see Dr. S and he is just as sick. The flu is continuing its warpath.

At the council meeting, Hershel says they need antibiotics, but the closest place that has them is a college 50 miles away. Daryl and Michonne volunteer to take a group out to it. Hershel also recommends quarantining the most vulnerable: the children and the elderly.

Rick apologizes to Tyreese. Tyreese says Rick needs to find out who did it, suggesting that its ok to murder within the prison. Rick assures him it isn’t.

Carl is annoyed about having to be quarantined. He talks to his dad about having to use his gun. Rick is hesitant but understands.

Maggie finds Glenn in their cell. He is coughing violently and tells her to stay away. He is also sick.

Daryl and Michonne get ready to leave. Bob isn’t sure about going after the last outing, but Daryl assures him that they need his medical expertise. Daryl tells Tyreese to come with him but Tyreese wants to stay to protect the sick. Daryl tells him he’ll be out front if he changes his mind.

Carl catches Hershel trying to leave the quarantine. Knowing he can’t stop him, he accompanies him to the forest.

Carol is letting people into the sick bay. One of them is Lizzie, her new adopted daughter. Carol stays strong but once Lizzie is inside she breaks down.

In the forest, Hershel is picking plants. Carl is looking out and spots two walkers. Hershel tells him he doesn’t have to kill them and they walk away.

Tyreese has an emotional conversation with Sascha and agrees to go out for the antibiotics. On his way out he finds Carol checking the empty water reserves. He asks her to look after Sascha and Carol says she is sorry about what happened to Karen.

Hershel is back and Maggie and Rick spot him, wondering what he is doing out. He says he found some natural flu remedies in the forest and explains that everyone is risking their life. He would rather risk it trying to save someone elses.

Carol is outside the fence trying to fix the waterline. Distracted walkers eventually find their way over to her and a startled and angry Rick helps her back inside.

Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob are on the road, and while trying to pick up a voice on the radio, run into a giant horde of thousands of walkers. They try to escape but the car gets stuck on the dead bodies. Daryl, Michonne, and Bob get out and begin to fight off walkers and make their way out, but Tyreese remains in the car debating on whether to get out or get eaten. He eventually gets out but is surrounded. He begins to literally hammer away at walker after walker. The others escape and eventually see a guts-covered Tyreese following behind them.

Hershel is giving the sick Dr. S some tea, when the doctor coughs blood onto his face. Hershel takes off his bandana and calmly wipes his face off.

Rick has investigated Karen’s murder scene and approaches Carol to accuse her of the murder. Carol calmly says yes she did it and walks away. Roll credits.

What we Learned: 

  • The flu is getting stronger and it seems no one is safe. With Glenn, Sascha, and now Hershel quarantined off, some one will have to step up and make decisions, a spot that has been jonesing for Rick to take.
  • Tyreese is beginning to lose it as we have seen happen to characters in the past. With half the council sick and Rick hopefully taking over, Tyreese will need to get his head on straight if he wants to be Rick’s best ally.
  • This episode introduced the horde, which consists of thousands of walkers. A problem for the group if it gets too close to the prison.
  • Not only is Tyreese losing it but so is Carol. In a shock ending we find out that she was behind the murders and isn’t afraid to admit it.

Questions and Comments

  • Is Rick ready to take over again? At a certain point it won’t matter and he’ll have to do it anyway.
  • Was Tyreese’s rampage his way of getting over Karen’s death?
  • How are Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese going to get back to the prison and are they going to have antibiotics?
  • Was Carol’s attempt to fix the waterline really a suicide attempt? She may be feeling guilt from the murders and depressed about Lizzie’s illness.
  • Will Hershel’s home remedies be enough to stave of the flu? If not, who will die next and could it be him?

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