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Spectacle: “The Walking Dead” Season 4, Episode 4 & 5 Recap

Carol and Rick head out to search for supplies. The tension is thick between the two of them, and with Rick knowing of Carol’s murder of Karen and David, we are left wondering what Rick is going to do about it.

Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne, and Bob are still searching for medical supplies. Tyreese is still reeling from Karen’s death and with Sascha now sick, Tyreese is looking for a way out.

Rick and Carol come across a young couple in one of the houses they are searching. The man, Sam, has a dislocated shoulder and Carol fixes it. The couple ask to join them at the prison, but Rick and Carol are unsure. They agree to look for more supplies and meet at the house in two hours.

Carol tries to defend her decision to Rick, saying he would have done the same thing. While picking vegetables, they come across Sam’s girl being eaten by walkers. They head back to the house.

Daryl and the others find the college and stock up on medicine. As they escape, Bob puts himself in danger trying to save his bag which holds only a bottle of alcohol. Daryl gets angry and shows him up, taking his gun.

Sam still hasn’t arrived and Carol suggests they leave. Rick shows concern for Sam, but Carol only remarks about Rick’s watch, which he gave to same before they left. Rick and Carol decide to leave.

Rick tells Carol she made the wrong decision and that she cannot come back to the prison. Carol disagrees but doesn’t put up a fight. She gives Rick her watch and they part ways.

Rick heads back to the prison staring at Carol’s watch. Back at the prison, Hershel is trying to keep everyone alive. Glenn and Sascha help but they are getting worse. Time is running out.

Maggie is at the fence killing walkers. They are piling up and will take down the fence soon. Rick comes back and she notices that Carol is not with him. He tells her that Carol killed Karen and David and she could not return fearing what would happen if Tyreese found out. Maggie understands.

Hershel visits Dr. S who is getting worse. He tells Hershel to stop treating him and that his illness has gone too far. Hershel refuses but looking closer sees blood is coming out of his eyes and mouth.

Rick tells Hershel about Carol and he is broken up about it. When he returns to the sick, Sascha and Glenn are incapacitated when all hell breaks loose. Dead patients become walkers and begin attacking. One bites a man who fires off a gunshot.

Maggie and Rick hear the shot outside and Maggie runs in to help while Rick gets Carl to help him reinforce the fence.

Hershel is defending himself from the walkers. He goes to Dr. S’s cell to get his shotgun and finds that the doctor is a walker. He kills him and the rest of the walkers. Glenn is choking on his own blood and Hershel must get a breathing apparatus off a walker. Maggie comes in and finishes off the walker, much to Hershel’s surprise. They rush to Glenn and are able to stabilize him. Crisis averted.

Rick and Carl are still trying to keep the walkers out, however there is too many and they come through. Rick gives Carl an assault rifle and they mow down the remaining walkers.

Just as they finish, Daryl and the gang show up with the medicine. We see them administer it through IVs and we see Tyreese attending to a now stable Sascha.

The next day everything appears to be normal and as we pan back on the prison we see a figure staring at it. The Governor. He’s back.

Thoughts and Questions

  • One of the most surprising turn of events was Rick’s decision to excommunicate Carol. Particularly his decision without consulting the others. Is Rick taking over the leader role? While we did see some reactions to his decision, how will the others react? Particularly Daryl, who had a strong relationship with Carol. With him acting as Rick’s second hand man, will he lose trust and/or respect for Rick?
  • We know Tyreese will be glad Carol’s gone when he finds out what she did, but will it bring him closure? Sascha has recovered which will keep him from going over edge, but will he be fully satisfied with what happened to Carol?
  • Episode five was Hershel’s show. To quote Daryl, he’s a tough sum bitch, and he showed it, which is something we haven’t seen from kind hearted veterinarian.
  • Carl finally got to kick some ass with his dad. The audience was glad to see it as well. It’s way better than watching squabble week after week.
  • And of course, there is the Governor. Just as Michonne was getting ready to get over him (and maybe the audience as well) he gets thrown back into the mix. The question is, what’s his gameplan? Was he the one responsible for the dead rats in the previous episode? Is he luring the walkers to gate in hopes of breaking it down? Who is he working with, or is he now a lone wolf? Hopefully we will receive answers over the rest of the season.

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