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Spectacle: “Delta Machine” Album Review

Fans should get a kick out of listening to the latest Depeche Mode record Delta Machine. The multi-platinum selling synth-rock kings released their 13th record back in March, which was produced by Ben Hiller. Delta Machine is the third Depeche Mode album Ben Hiller has produced.

With a blues based sound mixed in with electronics, this influenced the album’s title and  gave the album unique qualities since the band has never used blues music influences in their work before.

Listening to Delta Machine is a cross between Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion, but stands on its own. The songwriting on the album is also more sophisticated than usual. Delta Machine is the most highly regarded album this year, its really worth a listen.

Here is a track-by-track guide of the album:

1. Welcome To My World- This track kicks off the record with a repetitive power station-like sound. The music is very analogue and the music builds a huge chorus stating “welcome to my world.”

2. Angel- This song has a very bluesy-electro sound. The way lead singer Dave Gahan sings the song adds somewhat of a gospel vibe.

3. Heaven- My favorite song off the album and another great song written by Martin Gore. The piano plays a huge role in the song and gives it a lot of body. The beautiful lead vocals goes well with the synth-rock slow jam along with some good vocal harmonies.

4. Secret To The End- The throbbing electronics kicks off the song, followed by Gahan’s vocals building up the song into an excellent Depeche Mode chorus.

5. My Little Universe- There are little catchy computer glitch noises if you listen closely. Although it is kind of an odd song, it’s a song you can get on the dance floor to.

6. Slow- This is another song I really enjoy written by Gore. It is a very sexy song with classic blues guitar riffs and a sassy groove rhythm. Gahan expresses his naughtier side while singing this one.

7. Broken- A little different from their song “Question of Time” because Gahan has a different message here. It is a mellow track about innocence and offering to rescue the protagonist from their predicament as stated in the chorus “you were falling/ I will catch you/you don’t have to fall that far.”

8. The Child Inside- Solid dark ballad sung by Gore. The music is moving and also emotionally intense. With its dark lyrics, this song is the quietest track on the record.

9. Soft Touch/Raw Nerve- This song has a care-free production to it. The simplicity of the rhythms makes the song rockin’, along with razor guitar licks and abundant synths.

10. Should Be Higher- A catchy pop-like tune.

11. Alone- This track opens with doomy bass lines and the song is musically mellow overall. It’s a fresh production that keeps the song alive amid religious metaphors.

12. Soothe My Soul- A track I enjoy with its bouncy up beat techno rhythms, it is almost similar to “Personal Jesus,” a classic Depeche Mode track.

13. Goodbye- This song concludes the album well with Martin Gore playing country blues guitar while mixing electronic effects.

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