Lifestyle events that occur on or off campus should be categorized under “events.” Events differ from performances in that performances stage or present a play, concert or other forms of entertainment while events do not. Examples of events include the Long Beach Zombie Walk, Week of Welcome and Queen Mary’s Dark Harbour.

Same love, different perspectives

An open conversation utilizing a panel of well-versed black LGBTQ individuals discussed the difficulties they faced coming out in the black community whether it was through their family, workplace or peers. The office of Multicultural Affairs, hosted “Same Love? Same Meaning” on Monday in the Beach Auditorium. The panel included[Read More…]

Untitled by artist

Trang Le | Daily 49er All but one door was lit at the Cal State Long Beach student art galleries, and upon walking in, the darkness only deepens around you until suddenly: light. A massive, phantasm sequence hovers above the floor of the student art gallery. The only light within[Read More…]

Cosplayers with cleavage

Deadpools with cleavage, Stormtroopers donning bikinis and Freddy Kruegers showcasing too-tight shorts walked around confidently, drawing a male gaze. It is not the pretty ensembles or well-built armor that catch people’s attention, it’s the provocative costumes. During the Long Beach Comic Expo it was common to see people run up[Read More…]

Cosplayers, assemble

The only place to run into Deadpool, a female Deadpool, a robe-wearing Deadpool and a Deadpool that will follow you around while dancing to any song you request was at the Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend. Cosplaying has been around since the 1930s, but only in the last decade[Read More…]

Comic Expo flies into town

The time to dig up your capes and superhero T-shirts has come. The Long Beach Comic Expo takes place this weekend on Feb. 20 and 21 at the Long Beach Convention Center. What sets this particular comic convention apart from the others is its more intimate setting that still packs[Read More…]

Herstories to rewrite history

After centuries of historical erasure, black women have a story they wish to tell on the Cal State Long Beach campus. Presented by the Multicultural Center and Women’s Gender and Equity Center, #BlackHerstories was an event hosted yesterday in the University Student Union Ballroom that gave black women the chance[Read More…]

Get contemporary with it

Hard stage light set the scene for the 2016 Contemporary Dance Concert, where nine Cal State Long Beach choreography and dance students told their own visual, intimate stories through dance. Held at CSULB’s Martha B. Knoebel Dance Theatre on Thursday, the dance was divided into two acts. Both contained different[Read More…]

Contemporary dance jives at the Beach

Conventionality exists, even in the world of dancing. The 2016 Contemporary Dance concert aims to break past the barriers of the conventional by dishing out bold and tenacious performances, according to Cal State Long Beach choreographer and dancer, Madison Clark. “Sometimes as dancers and choreographers morph into adulthood, sometimes taking[Read More…]

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