Lifestyle events that occur on or off campus should be categorized under “events.” Events differ from performances in that performances stage or present a play, concert or other forms of entertainment while events do not. Examples of events include the Long Beach Zombie Walk, Week of Welcome and Queen Mary’s Dark Harbour.

Herstories to rewrite history

After centuries of historical erasure, black women have a story they wish to tell on the Cal State Long Beach campus. Presented by the Multicultural Center and Women’s Gender and Equity Center, #BlackHerstories was an event hosted yesterday in the University Student Union Ballroom that gave black women the chance[Read More…]

Get contemporary with it

Hard stage light set the scene for the 2016 Contemporary Dance Concert, where nine Cal State Long Beach choreography and dance students told their own visual, intimate stories through dance. Held at CSULB’s Martha B. Knoebel Dance Theatre on Thursday, the dance was divided into two acts. Both contained different[Read More…]

Contemporary dance jives at the Beach

Conventionality exists, even in the world of dancing. The 2016 Contemporary Dance concert aims to break past the barriers of the conventional by dishing out bold and tenacious performances, according to Cal State Long Beach choreographer and dancer, Madison Clark. “Sometimes as dancers and choreographers morph into adulthood, sometimes taking[Read More…]

Chocolate paradise

Chocolate. Chocolate everywhere—and it’s pouring out of Belmont Shore stops for humans and animals alike (and just in time for Valentine’s Day). Welcome to the 12th annual Chocolate Festival. Organized by the Belmont Shore Business Association, the chocolate-filled festival took place this past Saturday. At this event, Belmont Shore businesses[Read More…]

Get Bowled 2016

Super Bowl Sunday: one of the few times (apart from the holidays) that it is acceptable, and almost required, to stuff our faces with glorious amounts of calories while channeling our inner jock, wearing football jerseys and yelling at the oh-so nerve-enticing TV screen. Sure, Super Bowl Sunday can be[Read More…]

Shortest month has a big impact

Though February is the shortest month of the year, this Black History Month is flooded with intersectional events sponsored by the new Office of Multicultural Affairs. The Black History Month Celebration seeks to garner student involvement and grassroots education. Student organizations based in Cal State Long Beach such as the[Read More…]

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