Lifestyle events that occur on or off campus should be categorized under “events.” Events differ from performances in that performances stage or present a play, concert or other forms of entertainment while events do not. Examples of events include the Long Beach Zombie Walk, Week of Welcome and Queen Mary’s Dark Harbour.

Get Bowled 2016

Super Bowl Sunday: one of the few times (apart from the holidays) that it is acceptable, and almost required, to stuff our faces with glorious amounts of calories while channeling our inner jock, wearing football jerseys and yelling at the oh-so nerve-enticing TV screen. Sure, Super Bowl Sunday can be[Read More…]

Shortest month has a big impact

Though February is the shortest month of the year, this Black History Month is flooded with intersectional events sponsored by the new Office of Multicultural Affairs. The Black History Month Celebration seeks to garner student involvement and grassroots education. Student organizations based in Cal State Long Beach such as the[Read More…]

A glance into a post-apartheid state

What was it like to live in South Africa during its apartheid state? The upcoming event  “Let’s Talk About Apartheid” will feature two South African guest speakers who will address this topic through their personal experiences. Jamie Mithi, author of “Your Student Secrets,” and Khanyisa Pinini, the president of the[Read More…]

Goodbyes that keep going

If you’re still grieving over the loss of David Bowie, you aren’t alone. The month of February introduces a variety of David Bowie tribute shows, and even though Starman himself won’t be there, your one-stop guide to getting that Bowie fix will no doubt soothe your mourning heart. Located in[Read More…]

Full-moon hike “Luna”-cy

Much like waves crashing against the rocky shores flanking northern California and the ever-consistent weather patterns of phenomena like El Niño, the seemingly ubiquitous presence of the moon is a constant inspiration of thought. Small business owner Becca Gordon is one of the many inspired by our spiraling moon and[Read More…]

Labels are for bean cans

A new exhibit at the Museum of Latin American Art gathers local, individually diverse artists in an aptly titled show: “Who are you?” The show features works of art that approach the topic of human identity in various ways, artists relayed their own unique experiences with their respective identities through[Read More…]

Slam, bam, thank you man

Charlie Scott III discovered his calling while taking a poetry class at the California State University, Long Beach. “It’s the first day I’m ever reading a poem aloud, and I’m super passionate—I’m giving everything I have to this poem, like it’s the last words I’ll say on this earth,” Scott[Read More…]

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