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The culture corner

Welcome to the culture corner, a recurring series focused on the homesickness, culture collision and assimilation that California State University, Long Beach’s international students experience. It’s a chance to learn about another culture and see your own through a different pair of eyes. Meet Ngozi Kalu, a matriculated student on[Read More…]

A golden artiversary

In 1965, artists from around the world changed the landscape of California State University, Long Beach. This fall marks the anniversary of the international Art Symposium in the United States, resulting in the original nine monumental sculptures on campus. The University Art Museum is celebrating with a trilogy of homages,[Read More…]

Long Beach coffee shops open late at night

Night owls, insomniacs and graveyard shifters of Long Beach, it’s no secret that you’re shut out of many popular establishments because of the hours you keep. Now, just because you prefer the moon to the sun, fellow nocturnals, shouldn’t mean you’re not able to grab a tasty cup of coffee or[Read More…]

Drunk on History

The cocktail has quite the tale to tell. And what better way to hear it than over drink? Bartenders and amateur cocktail historians Damien Montanile and Chris Dion led a boozy prohibition mixology class as part of the Art Deco Festival, which was held at the Queen Mary from Sept.[Read More…]

The end of fiction genres?

CSULB alumni Christopher David Rosales has released his debut novel “Silence the Bird, Silence the Keeper,” which mixer called a “communal love child of Marquez, Bolaño, and Orwell, a child who inhabits an America that resembles Pinochet’s Chile, and yet feels uncannily (and frighteningly) familiar to present day Los Angeles.”[Read More…]

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